lay down (one's) arms

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lay down (one's) arms

1. Literally, to lay down or otherwise relinquish one's weapon in the context of a military engagement. We have you surrounded! Instruct your troops to lay down their arms!
2. To stop pursuing military engagement, as part of a truce, treaty, or surrender; to stop combat. We're hoping that the various militant factions in the region will begin laying down their arms if the peace treaty is accepted.
3. By extension, to cease fighting, arguing, or being hostile. We're asking employees to lay down their arms while we investigate this issue. I think we should all just lay down our arms and try to have a calm, rational conversation about this.
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lay down one's arms

Fig. to put one's gun, sword, club, etc., down; to stop fighting; to surrender. The prisoners were instructed to lay down their arms. The soldiers laid down their arms and surrendered.
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lay down your ˈarms

stop fighting in a war etc: Tell your men to lay down their arms — the war’s over.
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