lay away

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lay away

1. verb To bury someone who has died in the ground. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lay" and "away." I still can't believe we're about to lay our father away tomorrow. When they lay me away, I want the whole affair to be a joyous one. I want it to be a celebration, not a mourning.
2. verb To hold something on behalf of someone else for future collection or delivery. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lay" and "away." They said they'll lay the carpet away for me, and I can pay the remaining $100 when they deliver it next week. If you call us ahead of time, we can lay away any item you want so that it won't be sold before you arrive.
3. verb To save or reserve something, especially money, for future use. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "lay" and "away." If you can even lay away $100, it will go a long way toward paying off the loan.
4. noun The reservation of an item of merchandise after the customer pays a partial deposit with the retailer. More commonly spelled as a single word ("layaway"); also sometimes hyphenated. They said I can buy the sofa on lay away, and they'll deliver it as soon as I'm able to pay the remaining balance.
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The act of purchasing something by paying for it in increments over time. Once the full price has been paid, the purchaser can take possession of the item. Usually used in the phrase "on layaway." A: "You can't afford an expensive necklace like this!" B: "Sure I can—especially since I bought it on layaway."

lay someone away

Euph. to bury someone. Yes, he has passed. We laid him away last week. He laid away his uncle in a simple ceremony.
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lay something away (for someone)

to put something in storage for someone to receive at a later time. (Often said of a purchase that is held until it is paid for.) Please lay this away for me. I'll pay for it when I have the money. Please lay away this coat until I can get the money together.
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lay away

1. To reserve something for the future; save something: I'm laying away $500 just in case my car ever breaks down. The bride laid the dishes away for her trousseau.
2. To have something held for future delivery, especially by paying partly for it beforehand: I gave the salesman a check for $100, and he laid the carpet away for me. The manager laid away the oven until we could get to the store.
See also: away, lay
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In parts of Europe that have warmed since 1990, the common cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, appears to be shifting its laying away from species that don't migrate or that travel a short distance each year, says Anders Pape Moiler of the University of Paris South in Orsay.
More importantly, and unbeknown to MSE users who were laying away to their hearts' content in the belief that they were effectively picking up money off the pavement, it would end up, once the withdrawals had been made, well below 100.
One day their hens are laying away quite happily, the next they're lucky to get one a day.
Instead of laying away X number of vintages of Bordeaux, Y number of Burgundies, and so on, buy for current drinking and real-life situations.