lay to waste

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lay (something) to waste

To destroy or ruin something completely or utterly. The fire laid an entire block of houses to waste in a matter of hours. The plundering army assembled and made ready to lay the kingdom to waste.
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lay something to waste

 and lay waste to something
Fig. to destroy something; to ruin or mess up something. The invaders laid the village to waste. The kids came in and laid waste to my clean house.
See also: lay, waste
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The UVB rays lay waste to basal cells, one type of cell that divides to produce new skin.
These media-sponsored surveys often lay waste to all the methodologies and questionnaire-construction techniques that can make public opinion polls (when used responsibly and in the right set of circumstances) an accurate barometer of public attitudes.
Any hike in the interest rates will result in contraction of the economy which will lay waste to all the efforts of the government to revive the economy, said Naseem-ur-Rehman, a central leader of the BMP.
She said: "These figures lay waste to the argument at Westminster that people need to get on the bus to find a job.
his abilities to both unearth rare forgotten gems and lay waste to a dancefloor with his exceptional DJ skills have led to his becoming one of the most highly regarded DJs in leftfield dance music today.
As the old system was designed to lay waste to Russia, one of our new best friends, we can save a fortune on a Trident replacement and still have the "comfort" of a deadly nuclear shield if needed.
Wayne may now be earning pounds 250,000 a week and Coleen may be able to lay waste to the designer boutiques of the north-west of England, but there is no misery that compares to being on holiday with someone you really don't want to be on holiday with.
Now, it seems, they are the only defence against bloodthirsty slavering foxes ready to lay waste to the countryside.
Repeated forays into both mania and depression, however, lay waste to marriages, friendships, and other social ties.