lay to waste

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lay something to waste

 and lay waste to something
Fig. to destroy something; to ruin or mess up something. The invaders laid the village to waste. The kids came in and laid waste to my clean house.
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Repeated forays into both mania and depression, however, lay waste to marriages, friendships, and other social ties.
Inspired by the legendary Egyptian warrior, "The Scorpion King" is set 5,000 years ago in the notorious city of Gomorrah, where an evil ruler is determined to lay waste to all the nomadic peoples of the desert.
his abilities to both unearth rare forgotten gems and lay waste to a dancefloor with his exceptional DJ skills have led to his becoming one of the most highly regarded DJs in leftfield dance music today.
In ``The Day After Tomorrow,'' Los Angeles is leveled by tornadoes, New York and New Delhi are buried by snow, and massive storms lay waste to most of Europe.
There is an array of bosses equipped with their own brand of magic to lay waste to attackers.
DAVID Cameron had the cheek to tell the country to grow up yesterday after he revealed his plans to lay waste to the NHS.
Mitchell) doesn't have the ability or courage to confront a CEO bent on covering up poor performance and using bullying tactics to lay waste to directors with minority opinions,'' Gold said at Disney's shareholders meeting Wednesday in Philadelphia.
Save us from the wars and armed conflicts which lay waste to whole areas of the world, from the scourge of terrorism and from the many forms of violence which assail the weak, the vulnerable.
SANTA Ana season has arrived in Southern California once again, kicking up hot dry winds, stirring up our sinuses and igniting wildfires that have the potential to lay waste to whole sections of our communities.
Adam West and Burt Ward lay waste to the show that laid waste to their careers.