lay up

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lay someone up

to cause someone to be ill in bed. A broken leg laid me up for two months. Flu laid up everyone at work for a week or more.
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lay something up

1. to acquire and store something. Try to lay as much of it up as you can. I am trying to lay up some firewood for the winter.
2. [for something] to disable something. The accident laid up the ship for repairs. A wreck laid the bus up for months.
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lay up

1. To store or stock something for future use: We must lay up many supplies for our long journey. We bought a bushel of seed and laid half of it up for planting next year.
2. To confine someone with an illness or injury: A bad flu can lay you up for two weeks. Yellow fever laid up many of the people who worked on the Panama Canal. I was laid up for a month.
3. To put some sailing vessel in dock, as for repairs: We laid up the ship in Anchorage for six months. Let's lay the boat up at the next port.
4. To dock for repairs: The sailboat laid up in Charleston to have the rigging fixed.
5. To hit a golf shot less far than one is able so as to avoid a hazard: I was afraid of hitting the sand trap, so I laid up a bit.
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Usually a jump-shooting team, the Thunder were able to pound the ball in the paint and score easy lay ups, with only 6'2" Mario Chalmers recording a blocked shot for the Heat.
In this league you cannot expect to win a game when we had over 20 turnovers which led to Bradford hitting at least 24 points off fast break lay ups.
During their winter lay ups they naturally become a little dusty and spiders have the happy knack of spinning their webs between the parts, so we go on what's known as the Cobweb Run.
All the Fun and Half the Bruises While Practicing Jump Shots and Lay Ups
In the third quarter the Crusaders' inability to convert their lay ups saw their chances of a comeback wasted as they slipped to 50-64 behind.
Mohawks chased the game with all out offensive tactics leaving the back wide open with several easy lay ups from Richards and Watts.