lay together

lay something together

to lay things side by side. Lay all the logs together and stack them as high as you can. Lay the red ones together and put all the others over there in a pile.
See also: lay, together
References in classic literature ?
The three other victims fell nearly four thousand feet, and their bodies lay together upon the glacier when found by Mr.
Here, now, are two great whales, laying their heads together; let us join them, and lay together our own.
Soldiers and slaves lay together, torn and mangled, around and over the wreckage of the automobiles and guns.
Strathcarron business development fundraiser Claire MacDonald said: "We understand how difficult it can be for families who find themselves no longer able to sleep in the same bed, lay together or cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie.
Calling the Hariri-led bloc an alliance of the virtuous, the MP concluded that Muslims, Christians, Shiaas and Druze would lay together the foundations of a common future to all of our sons.
The director calls Michelle up for a date, and as they lay together in bed their banter seems even more comfortable and flirty, until Michelle realizes it's the first time she's slept with a man since Hubbell, at which point she dissolves into the hysterical tears she kind of forgot to cry right after the death.
The man allegedly told investigators he hid the knife under his pillow, asked for sex and afterwards they showered and lay together on the bed.
Hospital ward boss Jayne Reed performed sex acts on a man she referred to as Daddy Bear as they lay together.
HONEYMOONING in Harlech, Glyn and Jacqueline Roberts decided their future life lay together in North Wales.
She toyed angrily with the dish, dissecting a section to show me how in places sheets of pasta lay together unseparated by any filling.
Stu, 25, chased Jenny around the house with a mop in yesterday's cleaning task and later draped his legs across hers as they lay together on a bed.
The story is about a shark and a fish who become friends, who continue to p= lay together despite parental pressure to remain natural enemies, and who u= ltimately forge peace between their two species.
JIM and Jean Rowley lay together one last time surrounded by a hospital ward curtain.
Deadwood has since become famous for being Wild Bill's final resting-place, and where Calamity Jane (Weigert) finally got her way with him--they now lay together in the shadow of death.