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The official visit also helped the delegation to lay the groundwork for a Dubai trade mission's visit coming up later in the year.
Washington, May 17(ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to visit Pakistan for an "in-depth strategic discussion" about bilateral cooperation, and the US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Marc Grossman, will be leaving for Islamabad this week 'to lay the groundwork for her eventual visit', the State Department has said.
Summary: American President Barack Obama will host a meeting Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas in an attaempt to lay the groundwork for renewed peace negotiations.
If nothing else, it lay the groundwork for a family-led public relations campaign to humanize Kenneth Lay.
One attendee, Marc Stern of the American Jewish Congress, said the meeting will lay the groundwork for future gatherings.
Born in secrecy while the world convulsed in the violence of war, the founders of the world body, primarily found in the subversive and internationalist ranks of the Council on Foreign Relations, labored to lay the groundwork for world government.
Ten years ago, Latin America's political and business leaders met in Miami to lay the groundwork for a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), a free trade zone that would run from the northern reaches of Alaska down to the tip of Patagonia.
Bob Davis, GreenMan president and CEO, says, "We now have access to the capital necessary to not only complete our southeastern initiatives, but to address other accretive opportunities as they may arise and lay the groundwork for further corporate growth.
DIED: Donald Stewart Lucas, 77, a San Francisco gay rights pioneer who helped lay the groundwork for gay liberation before the Stonewall riots in 1969, of complications from Parkinson's disease, September 22.
We have an appeal on the lawsuits, but I think the only prudent thing we can do is try to lay the groundwork for a different paradigm on how we provide health care,'' Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said said in explaining Tuesday's plan.
If that effect occurs in the fetus as well, it could disrupt brain growth enough to lay the groundwork for schizophrenia, Sorensen and his coworkers theorize.
NAIC established the working group to lay the groundwork for handling privacy concerns under the new law.
Citizens will work to discover common ground and lay the groundwork for actions they can all support.
Hopefully your review of the six questions (and sub-questions) outlined above will help you lay the groundwork for future financial survival and excellent service.