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get laid

vulgar slang To have sex (with someone). He's always so uptight. He needs to get laid.
See also: get, laid


1. verb To have sexual intercourse (with someone). Used especially in the passive construction "get laid." As a teenager, I worried and thought about getting laid almost constantly. It was at that point in the date that she decided she wanted to lay him.
2. noun An act or instance of sexual intercourse. It's been way too long since my last lay. I refuse to go on a date with anyone who's just looking for a lay.
3. noun A person with whom one has or might have sex. I heard he was a good lay.

lay (oneself) open

To expose or make oneself vulnerable (to something). We need to update these terms of service right away—no need to lay ourselves open to lawsuits.
See also: lay, open
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get laid

to have sexual intercourse. (Use caution.) Tommy wanted nothing more out of life than to get laid.
See also: get, laid
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1. and layed mod. drug intoxicated. (see also laid out.) Man, did I get myself laid.
2. mod. copulated with. (Usually objectionable.) If you come home laid, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


1. tv. to copulate [with] someone. (Crude. Usually objectionable.) She laid him on the spot.
2. n. a sexual act. (Crude. Usually objectionable.) I could use a good lay about now.
3. n. a person considered as a potential sex partner. (Crude. Usually objectionable.) He actually said that she was a good lay.


See laid
See also: lay
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lay (one's)

/a finger on
To locate; find: We haven't been able to lay a finger on those photos.


/put to rest
1. To bury (a dead body); inter.
2. To resolve or settle (an issue, for example): The judge's ruling put to rest the dispute between the neighbors.
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References in classic literature ?
Alongside lay one of the gigs, Silver in the stern- sheets--him I could always recognize--while a couple of men were leaning over the stern bulwarks, one of them with a red cap--the very rogue that I had seen some hours before stride-legs upon the palisade.
But Young, speaking at a news conference here, said that he had been informed that instructions have been given by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution to lay one charge of sedition against Duke.
The JQ Wingate Literary prize announced on Tuesday that a rediscovered Holocaust memoir of Jewish bookseller Francoise Frenkel, titled No Place to Lay One's Head, is the winner of this year's GBP4,000 prize.
Lay one stick down on the ground straight to towards the target which is where the clubface will be aligned.
Pittsburgh, PA, April 26, 2016 --( It started with an help his fellow man by creating art that would touch people's hearts and souls, inviting them to "pay it forward..." That idea became a song..."Lay One Down" was released on Veterans Day 2015, as a benefit for Heart Songs For Veterans.
National pool member Wei Wei Gao matched par and lay one stroke off the pace at 150 while Luis Castro carded a 73 to be one shot further adrift at 151.
And don't think I wouldn't lay one on a transsexual!" Will Leo and Judy have their happy ending?
LEEDS have the chance to lay one hand on the League Leaders' shield and put one of their rivals out of the running when they go to Wigan tonight.
Hedwall lay one ahead of Norwegian world number two Suzann Pettersen at the halfway stage with Australian amateur Minjee Lee, 17, a further shot back in third.
Lay one sheet of pastry with a corner facing you and brush with the beaten egg mixture.
Lay one end of your cut fabric on your ironing board and roll out a length of hem tape across it, right to the edge.
Lay one fillet, skin side down onto tin foil, spread with red pesto, sprinkle with basil and season.
Saipem likely will lay one oil pipeline and one gas pipeline of 114 kilometers each by the end of 2015 in Phase II.
1 spot from Tiger Woods - the 2-1 tournament favourite as he lay one shot behind through 11 holes.