lay into

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lay into (someone or something)

1. To insert something into something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lay" and "into." Have they laid the first part of the fence into the ground yet?
2. To verbally attack someone. The boss just laid into the supplier over the phone for screwing up another order.
3. To physically attack someone. Ethan came home with a black eye and said that some of the neighborhood kids had laid into him after school.
4. To begin to do something, often determinedly. If you lay into that report now, you can get it done before dinner.
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lay into someone or something

to attack, consume, or scold someone or something. Bob laid into the big plate of fried chicken. The bear laid into the hunter. My father really laid into me when I got home.
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lay into

1. Attack physically, The boys ganged up and laid into Bobby.
2. Scold vigorously, as in The teacher laid into her aide when she learned he had left the children alone in the schoolyard . [Early 1800s] Also see pitch into.
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lay into

1. To embed something by penetrating some surface: The builders laid the first stones into the ground for a foundation yesterday. The ceremony started when a stake was laid into the soil.
2. To begin to penetrate or undertake something, especially resolutely: The ceremony started when the dignitary laid into the soil with a shovel. I sat down and laid into my work right away.
3. To scold someone sharply: The sergeant laid into the private for being late.
4. To attack someone physically; beat someone up: They punched me on the chin and then really laid into me.
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