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lay in

1. To insert or embed into something else. Have they laid the first part of the fence in the ground yet? Be sure to lay in the iron rails before the concrete sets.
2. verb To obtain and stock something to keep in reserve. If I'm going to have 50 kids in my house next week, I better lay up a supply of paper towels now!
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lie in

1. verb To recline or rest in a flat position in or inside of something. When I came in, I saw all my important papers lying in a pool of water on the kitchen floor.
2. dated, verb Of a pregnant woman, to be confined in the hospital while in labor or waiting to give birth to her child. The thing I'm dreading most about having an induction is having to lie in for the entire day waiting for the labor to set in.
3. verb To come about from or be the result of something; to depend on something. The success of out campaign lies in establishing trust among rural voters. The fate of the company lies in the banker's hands.
4. noun A prolonged stay in one's bed in the morning. Often hyphenated. Primarily heard in US. Your mum's having a lie in this morning, so we need to be extra quiet downstairs. I love having a long lie-in on Sundays.
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lay someone or something in(to) something

to place someone or something in something. The women laid the king into the coffin and the funeral procession assembled. The cook laid the salmon in the poaching liquid.
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lay something in

to get something and store it for future use. They laid a lot of food in for the holidays. We always lay in a large supply of firewood each November.
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lay in

Also, lay up. Stock or store for future use, as in We laid in supplies for the winter, or Are you sure you've laid up enough material? The first term dates from the late 1500s, the second from about 1400. Also see lay aside, def. 2; lay down, def. 4.
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lay in

1. To place something and embed it in a surface: The roofer laid the new shingles in yesterday. We should lay in the tiles before cleaning them.
2. To store something for future use: The northern explorers had to lay in supplies for the Arctic winter. We harvested a lot of potatoes and laid them in for the long winter ahead.
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