lay hold of

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lay hold of (someone or something)

To grasp or grip someone or something. Lay hold of that end of the sheet and pull it straight. I tried to lay hold of her before she fell off the step, but it happened too fast.
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lay hold of someone or something

to grasp someone or something with the hands. Just wait till I lay hold of Bill! I can't wait to lay hold of that fishing pole. I'm ready to catch a huge fish.
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lay hold of

Grasp, seize on, as in He clutched at branches, shrubs, anything he could lay hold of to break his fall. [First half of 1500s] Also see get hold of.
See also: hold, lay, of
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Just as an integrated history that brings together the three currents of indigenization is essential to an accurate understanding of this significant historical development, so acknowledging the theological and political roots of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement as it developed after 1949 is key to a mature Chinese church, in which Chinese Christians fully lay hold of their unique spiritual heritage.
Caesar's portion made claims on our purse, but God's rightful claims lay hold of our heart, mind, soul and strength.
This study takes [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] nponn5qaag to mean that Dioxippus lunged forward at Coragus in a crouching tackle, from which position he was able to lay hold of Coragus' sword arm with his left hand and to reach around behind him and trip up his legs with the aid of the club held in his right hand.
These standards are at once "instances of the Forms" while remaining "mired in the vagaries of the corporeal;" they enable us to lay hold of "true opinions" about the phenomena (54, 37).
Just as the decision of Dante to write The Divine Comedy in the vernacular and other developments in European linguistic humanism paved the way for the Renaissance and European global success, so the Arabic world needs to lay hold of their own vernaculars in order to gain a voice against corrupt and despotic Arabic rulers.
Some Bush supporters are decent and intelligent, and yet they're knowingly returning to the White House an embarrassingly inept, ignorant, incurious, and unfeeling figurehead for the worst conventicle of religious nuts, plutocrats, and petrochemical bagmen ever to lay hold of our federal government.
How great the temptation for Christians to lay hold of Judaism with strong arms, to cling to it until it fits in with one's own needs" (p.
Richard Noakes' 'Instruments to Lay Hold of Spirits' takes an equally novel topic--attempts to develop a method of scientifically verifying the claims of spiritualists by measuring ghostly manifestations.
As the American philosopher John Dewey put it, "We cannot lay hold of the new, we cannot even keep it on our minds, much less understand it, save by the use of ideas and knowledge we already possess.
Breckin Meyer supplies hearty comic relief as Kate's unemployed actor brother who assumes Leo's in the same line of work, Ryan steps back into her trademark genre like she's never been gone and, able to deliver lines like 'are you suggesting, madam, there exists a law compelling gentlemen to lay hold of canine bowel movements?
The section concludes with the theology and spirituality of the liturgical year (Auge), wherein the mystery of Christ as a saving event is made present in time, so that the faithful may lay hold of it through the word and the sacraments.
The specialty coffee been defined to a great degree by ability to lay hold of the passion and promise of origin: Not only is coffee not a commodity, but the potential variety is virtually endless when quality attends, as are the number of appreciative consumers.
We must lay hold of the fact," he argued, "that economic laws are not made by nature.
John 'would, if known as they knew it, lay hold of the wealth of modern science, and of the secrets of modern culture, and of the desires and the necessities of modern spirit.
350 arguably derives from popular will, and that the people may alter or abolish the constitution which they created; yet it is not to be inferred from this principal, that the representatives of the people, whenever a momentary inclination happens to lay hold of a majority of their constituents, incompatible with the provision of the existing Constitution would, on that account, be justified in a violation of those provisions.