lay (one's) hands on (someone or something)

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lay (one's) hands on (someone or something)

1. To touch or grasp someone, often with the threat of violence. Oh, once I lay my hands on you, you'll take back what you said!
2. To acquire something, usually a physical object. I need to go to the library and lay my hands on this book for my research paper. It took years, but I've finally laid my hands on this very rare Beatles recording!
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lay hands on

1. Also, get one's hands on. Get someone or something in one's grasp, especially to do harm. For example, Tom's gone off with the keys again; just wait till I lay my hands on him. [c. a.d. 1000]
2. Also, get or lay or put one's hands on . Find, obtain, as in As soon as I lay hands on the book, I'll call you, or He couldn't seem to put his hands on last year's sales figures. Also see get hold of.
See also: hand, lay, on
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get/lay your ˈhands on somebody

(used mostly in threats) catch somebody who has done something wrong: Just wait until I get my hands on the person who stole my bike!
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get/lay your ˈhands on something

obtain something that you want or need very much: Do you know where I can get my hands on a Russian dictionary? I need to check a translation.I’d buy a new car if only I could lay my hands on the money.
See also: get, hand, lay, on, something
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