lay down (one's) arms

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lay down (one's) arms

1. Literally, to lay down or otherwise relinquish one's weapon in the context of a military engagement. We have you surrounded! Instruct your troops to lay down their arms!
2. To stop pursuing military engagement, as part of a truce, treaty, or surrender; to stop combat. We're hoping that the various militant factions in the region will begin laying down their arms if the peace treaty is accepted.
3. By extension, to cease fighting, arguing, or being hostile. We're asking employees to lay down their arms while we investigate this issue. I think we should all just lay down our arms and try to have a calm, rational conversation about this.
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lay down one's arms

Fig. to put one's gun, sword, club, etc., down; to stop fighting; to surrender. The prisoners were instructed to lay down their arms. The soldiers laid down their arms and surrendered.
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lay down your ˈarms

stop fighting in a war etc: Tell your men to lay down their arms — the war’s over.
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References in classic literature ?
The chief and almost the only thing that hindered him from raising a formidable rebellion, was the mutual distrust they entertained of one another, each fearing that as soon as the Emperor should publish an act of grace, or general amnesty, the greatest part would lay down their arms and embrace it; and this suspicion was imagined more reasonable of the viceroy than of any other.
By his advice a decree from parliament summoned the citizens to lay down their arms and demolish the barricades.
The others had firearms with them too; but one of the two honest men, bolder than his comrade, and made desperate by his danger, told them if they offered to move hand or foot they were dead men, and boldly commanded them to lay down their arms. They did not, indeed, lay down their arms, but seeing him so resolute, it brought them to a parley, and they consented to take their wounded man with them and be gone: and, indeed, it seems the fellow was wounded sufficiently with the blow.
However, Duterte said communist rebels who would lay down their arms would be given livelihood and education for their children.
"They [NPAs] decided to lay down their arms after learning of the government's Enhanced Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) that will help them in their new way of life," he said.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) will lay down their arms only after peace returns to Syria, the militia's Spokesman Nuri Mahmud said.
militants to lay down their arms and work for the development of the country and also thanked the government for allowing them to rejoin society.
He requested other militants to lay down their arms and work for the development of the state.
Juvymax Uy said Sumisip Mayor Gulam Hataman helped convince the bandits to lay down their arms.
The Philippine government yesterday rejected calls by lawmakers to resume cancelled peace talks with communist rebels, unless the guerrillas lay down their arms and cease attacks against civilians and security forces.
President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has said Afghanistan is ready to talk to any country for bringing peace in the region and also asked the armed groups to lay down their arms and pay their role in country development is they are true Afghans.
It called on soldiers "to return to the barracks and lay down their arms."
O'Brien, who is also the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, called on all the conflict parties, including the leaders of the warring factions, to "listen to their people," lay down their arms and halt the rapidly spiraling humanitarian crisis.
DemirtaE- asserted that the crack between Erdoy-an and the government occurred when Eucalan did not make a call for PKK militants to lay down their arms as the requirements of a 10-article declaration made by Eucalan earlier had not been met by the government.