lay down life

lay down (one's) life

To sacrifice one's life (for someone or something); to die (for a purpose). Our soldiers are out there laying down their lives for our freedom, and we should show our support. To lay down one's life to save a stranger is the ultimate sacrifice.
See also: down, lay, life
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lay down one's life (for someone or something)

Fig. to sacrifice one's life for someone or something. Would you lay down your life for your country? There aren't many things for which I'd lay down my life.
See also: down, lay, life
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References in classic literature ?
Nay, by the rood, not half so well for there be those in such state, who can lay down life like a cast-off garment.
Hank Williams Jr put it thus: The sun comes up and the sun goes down/Hands on the clock they just keep goin' around/And I just get up and it's time to lay down life gets tee-just don't it?
to lay down life for the country, proudly and gracefully.
Matthew Griff, Cardiff.# Love, admiration, support and prayers for those in the Armed Forces willing to lay down life for others.