lay down arms

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lay down (one's) arms

1. Literally, to lay down one's weapon, as part of a truce, treaty, or surrender. We have you surrounded! Instruct your troops to lay down their arms! We're hoping that the various militant factions in the region will begin laying down their arms if the peace treaty is accepted.
2. By extension, to cease fighting, arguing, or being hostile. We're asking employees to lay down their arms while we investigate this issue. I think we should all just lay down our arms and try to have a calm, rational conversation about this.
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lay down one's arms

Fig. to put one's gun, sword, club, etc., down; to stop fighting; to surrender. The prisoners were instructed to lay down their arms. The soldiers laid down their arms and surrendered.
See also: arm, down, lay
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The AKP's failure to announce that it would comply with the terms and conditions of the declaration and AKP politicians' repeated calls on the PKK to lay down arms further exacerbated the existing doubts of the pro-Kurdish movement.
They concluded that the quickest way to end this conflict is for the LTTE to lay down arms, surrender and let the political process proceed as there was no military solution.
He also argued that if a monitoring committee was established to observe the settlement process and to visit Eucalan, the imprisoned leader would ask the PKK to lay down arms.
Meanwhile, speaking to reporters in Guwahati on Wednesday, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi disclosed that DHD-J, has expressed its willingness to lay down arms and hold dialogue with the government.
Contrary to Western fake news, a government that continues to offer amnesty to any Syrians participating in terrorist activities in return for their pledge to lay down arms and permanently return to civilian life or join the fight against terrorism, will never deploy torture tactics including beatings, electrocution and rape, against these prisoners, let alone hammer cities, launch chemical-weapon attacks, starve civilians, commit sexual violence, and deny services like water and medical care.
The peace process -- initiated to end an almost three-decade-old terrorism problem mainly in the Kurdish-dominated eastern and southeastern parts of Turkey -- formally started when the PKK halted its armed campaign in March 2013 upon Eucalan's call to lay down arms and leave Turkish soil for Northern Iraq, where the PKK has bases, including its main base in the Kandil mountains.
She added that the Syrian opposition has armed groups within its ranks equipped with up-to-date weapons, instigated by foreign powers who ask them not to lay down arms and to reject dialogue with the Syrian government.
OSMANIYE, Nov 2, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's president has called on the terrorist organization PKK to lay down arms.
District Police Officer Bannu Iqbal Marwat has directed rest of militants and criminals to lay down arms and work for betterment of the country.
Lahore, May 3 (ANI): Putting aside all appeals to lay down arms to establish peace in the Swat Valley, the Taliban's Swat chapter spokesperson Muslim Khan has termed arms and ammunitions as 'ornaments' for Muslims.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian government troops spread leaflets calling on militants in al-Qaboun district Northeast of neighborhood of the country's capital of Damascus, to lay down arms and receive amnesty, preventing, thus, bloodshed, a source familiar with the situation said.
If the PKK is so strongly determined not to lay down arms and return home, it is not wrong to say that the chief dreamer has been Eucalan, since 1999.
I invite them to lay down arms and ready to forgive blood of my son, he explained.
Upon the PKK terrorist organization's call to lay down arms, Gonul said that the relevant authorities had already been dealing with the issue.
Mangal Bagh had warned security personnel a few days ago to lay down arms or face dire consequences.