lay claim to something

lay claim to (something)

To assert that one has the legal or proper right to own or possess something. If no one lays claim to the wallet within 48 hours, you'll be able to keep it for yourself. The youngest son is laying claim to the business now that their father has passed away.
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lay ˈclaim to something

state that you have a right to something: ‘The Lamb and Flag’ lays claim to being the oldest pub in London.
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The kinds of people who marched in Charlottesville and said "Jews will not replace us" are basing their vision of America on a path where white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant men alone created the American nation, and where people such as Jews were outsiders who came later and are somehow trying to lay claim to something that rightfully belongs to other people.
Well not quite but Upper Lambourn trainer Ian Wood can lay claim to something even top jumps trainers and regular visitors to the Welsh track Nicky Henderson and Jonjo O'Neill cannot.
"We may have to accept that the UK no longer holds the purse strings of many global industries, as it did in the past-but I think we can lay claim to something even stronger, we are the most innovative, diverse and enthusiastic country on earth when it comes to manufacturing and engineering."