lay claim to

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lay claim to (something)

To assert that one has the legal or proper right to own or possess something. If no one lays claim to the wallet within 48 hours, you'll be able to keep it for yourself. The youngest son is laying claim to the business now that their father has passed away.
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lay claim to something

to place a claim on something. Do you really think you can lay claim to that money after all these years? Someone came by and laid claim to the wallet you found.
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lay claim to

Assert one's right to or ownership of, as in "What claim lays she to thee?" (Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors, 3:2). [Late 1500s] Also see stake a claim.
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lay claim to

To assert one's right to or ownership of.
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It had been feared that the DCA would lay claim to the building under a proposed reorganisation of court administration with any profits from its sale going to London.
Russell was keen to lay claim to Scottish roots during the publicity rounds for his latest film.
These burgeoning Internet ventures can lay claim to a Hispanic audience that is expected to nearly quadruple, from 10 million to 38 million, by 2003.
To another FA Carling Premiership championship, Sir Alex Ferguson can now lay claim to the title - Carling Opta Manager of the Season.
The bottom fifth in contrast could lay claim to less than 1 percent of the earth's GDP.
It's been over twenty-five years, and I still can lay claim to being called "The Pop-Up Queen" when it comes to water skiing.
For example, he says, some months ago the conservative coalition government put forward amendments to the Native Title Act, making it much more difficult for Aboriginals to lay claim to land with which they had a longstanding relationship.
India and Pakistan both lay claim to all of Kashmir, which is divided between them.
Not until the middle of the sixteenth century can Venice lay claim to a tradition in sculpture of independent portraiture, and the city's finest exponent in the genre was Alessandro Vittoria, originally from Trent.
Eventually, the cells lay claim to the man and, as the ballet closes, to the young woman, whose body now shows the red telltale taint of permeating infection.
'My lord, I've come to court to legally secure a divorce so that she won't wake up one day again and lay claim to me as her husband, 'Rasheed told the court.
We persevered and exposed this travesty of justice but the episode raises important questions about a government that likes to lay claim to transparency.
But we Brits can lay claim Brits can lay claim to the creation of Christmas cards after John Calcott Horsley sold 1,000 of his first cards which carried the picture of a family party in 1843.
According to American gossip mags, they are concerned the musician may lay claim to her fortune - worth an estimated pounds 100m.