lay at door

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lay (something) at (one's) door

To assign blame or responsibility to one for something. The mayor wasn't directly involved, but the voters are going to lay this scandal at his door. We're short-staffed, so my boss is laying a lot of random stuff at my door.
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lay something at someone's door

 and put something at someone's door 
1. Fig. to blame a problem on someone; to hold someone responsible for something. (Alludes to someone laying incriminating evidence at the door of a guilty person, perhaps in the night.) I'm laying responsibility for this mess at your door! Don't put this at my door!
2. Fig. to give or assign a problem to someone for solving. I am going to lay this problem right at your door. You are the one who can settle it. I will put this business at your door and hope you can do something about it.
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