lay aside for

lay aside (something) for (someone or something)

To save or keep something in reserve for someone or for a future use. The first noun or pronoun can also be used between "lay" and "aside." You should lay aside part of each paycheck for your retirement fund. We should lay some lunch aside for Jerry, I'm sure he'll be hungry when he gets home.
See also: aside, lay

lay something aside for someone or something

to put something aside, in reserve, for someone or something. I laid some cake aside for Tom, but someone else got it. I laid aside some cake for Tom.
See also: aside, lay
References in classic literature ?
Mary offered to lend the little she possessed; but my mother declined it, saying that we must begin on an economical plan; and she hoped that the whole or part of mine, added to what we could get by the sale of the furniture, and what little our dear papa had contrived to lay aside for her since the debts were paid, would be sufficient to last us till Christmas; when, it was hoped, something would accrue from our united labours.
Contract Notice: Isolate and drain down the existing heating system: carefully remove existing radiant ceiling panel heaters: protect same and carefully lay aside for reuse: remove redundant pipework including all insulation