lay against

lay (someone or something) against (something)

To lean or rest someone or something against something else. We had to lay the injured soldier against the side of a tree while we scouted the surrounding area. Just lay that painting against the wall for the time being.
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lay something against something

to lean or place something against something. They laid the Christmas tree against the house where they could get to it easily when the time came. Lay this hot cloth against the sore and hold it there.
See also: lay
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References in classic literature ?
A range of hills lay against the sky in the horizon, and soon the rows of palms which adorn Bombay came distinctly into view.
In the most forlorn and arid and dismal one of all, where the racked and splintered debris was thickest, where the ancient patches of snow lay against the very path, where the winds blew bitterest and the general aspect was mournfulest and dreariest, and furthest from any suggestion of cheer or hope, I found a solitary wee forget-me-not flourishing away, not a droop about it anywhere, but holding its bright blue star up with the prettiest and gallantest air in the world, the only happy spirit, the only smiling thing, in all that grisly desert.
Immense piles of snow lay against the log walls of this secluded habitation on one side; while fragments of small trees, and branches of oak and chestnut, that had been torn from their parent stems by the winds, were thrown into a pile on the other.
Come," and he led me across the clearing and about the end to a pile of loose rock which lay against the foot of the wall.
At one corner a dead man lay against the wall--shot.
Assistant Superintendent Masole said investigations would determine what charge to lay against the truck driver.
Conclusion Needs to improve and a lay against race-fit rivals.
A beautiful woman lay against the seat--black dress,
And seam; the way they lay Against the hip or fit The knee.
"That's an extremely serious charge to lay against a Prime Minister but we will be due a very big apology and I'm going to get it."
The 68-year-old,from Scarisbrick, was a visiting player with his team from Hurlston Hall Golf Club, Scarisbrick, top lay against Southport Park Golf Club on Monday.
Last night the jet's remains lay against a tree in a field.
Conclusion Possible question marks over merit of debut win make him a lay against a couple of interesting rivals.