lay a heavy trip on someone

lay a (heavy) trip on (one)

1. To criticize, upbraid, or rebuke one. The boss really laid a trip on me for bungling the Robertson account. She could have laid a heavy trip on me over my gambling, but instead she just resolved to help me recover from it.
2. To cause one to feel great upset, confusion, or astonishment. You laid a heavy trip on me when you told me I was adopted. I just need some time to think about things. I've got to tell you, seeing these dismal sales figures really lays a trip on me.
3. To make one feel guilty, especially in an attempt to manipulate one. Kelly's parents were always trying to lay a trip on her for not giving them grandchildren. I hate the way charity workers lay a heavy trip on you when they stop you in the street, making you feel like a monster for not donating.
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lay a (heavy) trip on someone

1. tv. to criticize someone. There’s no need to lay a trip on me. I agree with you.
2. tv. to confuse or astonish someone. After he laid a heavy trip on me about how the company is almost broke, I cleaned out my desk and left.
3. and lay a guilt trip on someone tv. to attempt to make someone feel very guilty. Why do you have to lay a guilt trip on me? Why don’t you go to a shrink? Keep your problems to yourself. Don’t lay a trip on me!
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