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n. poor quality marijuana. (Drugs.) This isn’t good grass; it’s lawn.

mow the lawn

and mow one’s lawn
tv. to comb one’s hair. I’ll be with you as soon as I mow the lawn. Don’t you think you better mow your lawn?
See also: lawn, mow

mow one’s lawn

See also: lawn, mow

lawn jockey

A derogatory term for an African-American. A traditional feature of a Southern front yard was a statue of a diminutive black man painted in the colors of horseracing silks. His hand was outstretched, as if to hitch a horse's reins (the hand often ended in a ring for just that purpose). As an expression connoting subservience in the sense of “slave” or “mascot,” “lawn jockey” deserved to be consigned to the linguistic scrap heap.
See also: jockey, lawn
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Once the results come back, Lush Lawn is able to provide homeowners with a customized soil treatment plan that will make sure the soil's pH balance is at the optimal level for growth.
If you do not water the grass, it will dehydrate and a weak lawn will leave an opportunity for weeds and all the wrong types of grass to germinate and grow in it.
June 20 - Brit Floyd, described as "the world's greatest Pink Floyd show ($54 reserved, $39 lawn, $34 child lawn)
Others use hollow-tine lawn aerators which remove plugs of soil from the ground, but they are hard work and aren't very good on stony soils or heavy, dry soils.
But there''s still time to give your lawn a boost, even if it might look a bit forlorn now, or consider re-seeding or turfing if you think it''s beyond hope.
In this story, we'll show you what to do in the spring, summer and fall to get a lawn so nice you could cut it up and sell it as sod.
A healthy lawn helps encourage wildlife into the garden and grass is highly efficient at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, something we're all becoming more aware of as CO2 emissions are the topics of the moment.
But in many gardens there is too much paving and lawn and not enough planting, which draws attention to the lawn.
Years ago, the Lummis House in Pasadena, adjacent to the Southwest Museum, used a dwarf yarrow with pinkish flowers, Achillea millefolium `Rosea,' as a lawn substitute.
Maintaining the ideal lawn is a constant battle against crabgrass, drought, weeds, and lawn-destroying vermin.
Darren's recently recorded transactions in the Fair Lawn marketplace include:
A lovely green lawn is more than just an attractive asset - it is a triumph of hard work, careful nurturing and lashings of love and attention.
Michael's symptoms came back every time they treated the lawn," says Craig.
Spring is the time of year when your garden comes to life again - and this includes your lawn.