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law unto

A phrase used to describe someone who acts independently of what is normal or expected. Julie has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She's a law unto herself.
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a law unto yourself

COMMON If you describe a person or organization as a law unto themselves, you mean that they do what they want, ignoring laws, rules, or usual ways of doing things. He does his work well but in an unconventional way. He is truly a law unto himself. Most athletic departments are pretty much a law unto themselves — unaccountable in terms of where this money goes.
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a law unto (oneself)

A totally independent operator: An executive who is a law unto herself.
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Likewise beautiful women have always been a law unto themselves. Who could have prophesied in what way any of these inspired law-breakers would break the law, what new type of perfect imperfection they would create?
Tanya Starling They are a law unto themselves, and everyone lets them continue to get away with it.
Some have said horse owners are a "law unto themselves" and think they're above others, believing they have "more right to be on a footpath than young mums with children or pensioners carrying their shopping".
However, those who shoot do sometimes seem to be a law unto themselves. Recent reports for instance reveal that 300,000 hares are shot annually in Britain and that their numbers are falling alarmingly.
Professor Stephen Powis, NHS national medical director, said: "Cosmetic firms bringing in tighter controls to protect young people's mental health is a major step forward, but voluntary steps on their own mean mental health too often will still be left in the hands of providers operating as a law unto themselves."
For too long these firms have been a law unto themselves and our children have paid the price.
Unlike in the past when policemen were a law unto themselves, today, sustained pressure from the public and human rights groups and meticulous investigations by the prosecution who in some cases are backed by justice centres, has helped bring to book rogue police officers
THE authorities seem oblivious to the shenanigans of school transport operators, who have become a law unto themselves. Transport operators ferrying school children are a common sight in the big cities and are an essential service in a metropolis like Karachi.
Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: "Too often bailiffs, and the firms they work for, are a law unto themselves.
Passengers have become hapless victims of crooks who speed, overload, over-charge and behave as if they were a law unto themselves.
The people should not take law into their hands and they should not behave as if they were law unto themselves. This must stop.
by PTI Talking tough, the Supreme Court on Wednesday asked all states to take stern steps to stop violence in the name of cow protection by appointing a senior police officer as nodal officer in every district within a week and act promptly to check cow vigilantes from behaving like they are "law unto themselves".
The leadership said forces 'are law unto themselves' and that no accountability exits.
"If the BCCI thinks that they are a law unto themselves, then they are wrong.