lavish (something) (up)on (someone or something)

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lavish (something) (up)on (someone or something)

To give, heap, or bestow something freely and in great abundance to someone or something. Don't be too eager to lavish praise upon your children unless they've truly earned it, or else they could end up with an inflated ego or sense of entitlement. The critic lavished scorn on the director's latest film, calling it a disgusting, obscene piece of exploitation.
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lavish something (up)on someone

to give something freely to someone; to squander something on someone. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The manager lavished all sorts of favors upon the new employee. Susan lavished compliments on the cook.
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lavish on

To give or bestow something in abundance to someone or something: The critics lavished praise on the new movie. The pundits lavished scorn on the new mayor.
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References in classic literature ?
There the French officers received them with open arms, and lavished upon them all the resources of their hospitality.
I'm glad to see him, poor motherless thing!" And the loving attentions Aunt Polly lavished upon him were the one thing capable of making him more uncomfortable than he was before.
Don Quixote now felt it right to quit a life of such idleness as he was leading in the castle; for he fancied that he was making himself sorely missed by suffering himself to remain shut up and inactive amid the countless luxuries and enjoyments his hosts lavished upon him as a knight.
His name and nature endeared the Spanish name and nature to me, so that they were always my romance, and to this day I cannot meet a Spanish man without clothing him in something of the honor and worship I lavished upon Cervantes when I was a child.
"Every vice, save one," Wingrave murmured, "Nature has lavished upon me.
We saw a manuscript of Virgil, with annotations in the handwriting of Petrarch, the gentleman who loved another man's Laura, and lavished upon her all through life a love which was a clear waste of the raw material.
This lady was full of the praises of the head-tenor who had performed in a Wagner opera the night before, and went on to enlarge upon his old and prodigious fame, and how many honors had been lavished upon him by the princely houses of Germany.
He told her how passionately he loved her, and reminded her of all the devotion he had lavished upon her.
For many years, the--a--I would say the flower of the bar, and the--a--I would presume to add, the matured autumnal fruits of the woolsack--have been lavished upon Jarndyce and Jarndyce.
Her heart, bereft of its own, had gone out to this poor, little, nameless waif, and lavished upon it all the love that had been denied her during the long, bitter weeks of her captivity aboard the Kincaid.
Dimly, in the back of her childish memory there lurked a blurred recollection of a gentle mother; but Meriem was not sure but that even this was but a dream picture induced by her own desire for the caresses she never received, but which she lavished upon the much loved Geeka.
She died, sir, in spite of all the care lavished upon her, and all that science could suggest was done for her in vain.
In short, they lavished upon their unmoved captive a torrent of that vindictive abuse, in which the women of the savages are so well known to excel, but which has been too often described to need a repetition here.
He had sought to find something upon which to lavish such an affection as Teeka lavished upon her balu, but a short experience of the little black boy had made it quite plain to the ape-man that no such sentiment could exist between them.
Achilles is savage and remorseless; he is cruel, and cares nothing for the love his comrades lavished upon him more than on all the others.