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lavish something (up)on someone

to give something freely to someone; to squander something on someone. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The manager lavished all sorts of favors upon the new employee. Susan lavished compliments on the cook.
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lavish on

To give or bestow something in abundance to someone or something: The critics lavished praise on the new movie. The pundits lavished scorn on the new mayor.
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lavish with

To enhance or praise something or someone with something: The teacher lavished the best students with praise. The tables were lavished with decorations.
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SEEING IS BELIEVING: This quality home is lavished with an array of high quality fixtures and fittings ( * ALL THE MOD-CONS: The lounge features a remote control home cinema screen (s)
And with two incomes pouring in, Vetere said, pets are being lavished with an array of products.
But she lavished it on fast cars, a power boat, travel and all the other vulgar luxuries that it was destined to buy anyway.
McCabe's trial heard that massive amounts of cash was frittered away on furniture, electrical goods, designer clothes and cosmetics, while gifts were lavished on relatives and friends.
The instructions tell us that it isn't a fragrance to spray sparingly on the wrists and neck as it was designed to be lavished across the whole body.
It was a malaise brought on by a combination of undistinguished painting and bad faith, tricked out with surely the most ostentatious hype ever lavished on a living artist: a veritable "blizzard of blague," to borrow the words of Hilton Kramer, a critic whose words I do not borrow often.