lavish (something) (up)on (someone or something)

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lavish (something) (up)on (someone or something)

To give, heap, or bestow something freely and in great abundance to someone or something. Don't be too eager to lavish praise upon your children unless they've truly earned it, or else they could end up with an inflated ego or sense of entitlement. The critic lavished scorn on the director's latest film, calling it a disgusting, obscene piece of exploitation.
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lavish something (up)on someone

to give something freely to someone; to squander something on someone. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The manager lavished all sorts of favors upon the new employee. Susan lavished compliments on the cook.
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lavish on

To give or bestow something in abundance to someone or something: The critics lavished praise on the new movie. The pundits lavished scorn on the new mayor.
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References in classic literature ?
And so the two walked together through the dark alley to the end of the rickety, dismantled dock; the one thinking of the vast reward the King would lavish upon her for the information she felt sure she alone could give; the other feeling beneath his mantle for the hilt of a long dagger which nestled there.
HHIII Once upon a time, there were simply not enough stars in the sky to lavish upon a production at the RST.
our friend offered to bet us that the young "roo" would be found dead in the morning, despite the care the children would lavish upon it.
Although at first it seems that Tsuneko (a pregnant female who has had relations with two of the group) is the element connecting Alexandre (Tsuneko's brother), Fuyuhiko (a psychiatrist), and our host, Natsuyuki, it soon becomes clear that it is not her but rather the solitude of each of the three men that connects them to each other, as well as the care they all lavish upon Tama the cat.
Among the perks of playing in bowl games are up to $550 in gifts that bowls can lavish upon participating players, which the Ducks received from the Fiesta Bowl on Sunday.
"Should stick to ma own," You mutter and sweat as the table groans Under the gifts you lavish upon it.
CONSIDERING all the praise that heads of states and governments lavish upon him, it's easy to see why Manmohan Singh needs only the slightest of excuses to take to the skies.
Although the subsidies that the US and EU lavish upon their already wealthy farmers do indeed disadvantage poor farmers around the world, developing countries have the most to gain from liberalizing their own agricultural sectors, a World Bank analysis of the stalled World Trade Organization's Doha Development Round shows.
The Celestial Master movement, as the earliest, most explicitly political, and least understood of all schools of institutional religious Daoism, well repays the attention the authors lavish upon it.
Indeed, among the many praises I would lavish upon this book, I would include first and foremost Monson's tireless research.
Hence, in his treatment of Augustine, he neither lapses into a vilification of the bishop of Hippo for his views on human sexuality nor does he lavish upon him more praise than is due.
If you are looking for something really unusual to lavish upon a toy lover in your life, and have a fairly healthy budget, a delightfully named George II Palladian carved mahogany 'baby house' will be coming up for auction later this month at Bonhams.
Bath Bloomers has all sorts of gorgeous travel products and home spa treatments to lavish upon yourself.
Some children are unlikely ever to gain GCSEs at high grades, no matter how much effort skilled teachers lavish upon them.