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lavish something (up)on someone

to give something freely to someone; to squander something on someone. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The manager lavished all sorts of favors upon the new employee. Susan lavished compliments on the cook.
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lavish on

To give or bestow something in abundance to someone or something: The critics lavished praise on the new movie. The pundits lavished scorn on the new mayor.
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lavish with

To enhance or praise something or someone with something: The teacher lavished the best students with praise. The tables were lavished with decorations.
See also: lavish
References in classic literature ?
Miss Lavish was not disgusted, and said it was just the size of her aunt's Suffolk estate.
But Miss Lavish had said so much about knowing her Florence by heart, that Lucy had followed her with no misgivings.
Lucy thought she had never seen anything more beautiful; but Miss Lavish, with a shriek of dismay, dragged her forward, declaring that they were out of their path now by at least a mile.
Miss Lavish laid her hand pleasantly on Lucy's arm, as if to suggest that she, at all events, would get full marks.
But at that moment Miss Lavish and her local-colour box moved also, and disappeared down a side street, both gesticulating largely.
I came here with Miss Lavish, who was to explain everything; and just by the door --it is too bad
It is alleged to have used the lure of lavish parties to elicit a decision in its favour.
But it's his other job as a children's author that inspires a typically lavish first round tonight.
The mint outfit is PS44 by Lavish Alice (lavishalic.
Our purses won't stretch that far so, luckily for us, Lavish Alice has also done some wonderful garms with a similar print that we have got our peepers on (OK, we'll stop now).
Rumors about the troubled teen say that he is spending much money on drugs, lavish lifestyle, posse, and travels are about $1 million every month, according to (http://www.
A TINY village is gearing up to host Scotland's most lavish wedding of the year - a three-day booze-up running until 3.
The Marquee of Karachi Marriott gets all enthralled with rozadars and the feast starts at iftari that is followed by a lavish dinner.
June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Continuing its expansion in the Florida luxury residential market, Lavish Holding Corp.
LAVISH J Bride It's no wonder I snapped halfway through and yelled: "Look, just ask them to show us their latest tax return or stop wasting my time