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lay (one) out in lavender

1. obsolete To prepare a dead body to be buried. From the former practice of strewing lavender petals over and around a body to mask its decomposing scent. The undertaker was accused of robbing corpses before laying them out in lavender. I'll never forget the visage of my grandfather laid up in lavender, two half-dollar coins atop his eyes.
2. obsolete By extension, to kill someone. He said he would lay them out in lavender if they dared to double-cross him. The feud has led to dozens of gangsters on either side laid out in lavender.
3. old-fashioned To excoriate or rebuke one severely. Our grandmother laid us out in lavender for breaking her antique clock.
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lay (something) up in lavender

obsolete To preserve something and place it into storage for future use or access. The great house was sold off, and all their possessions were laid up in lavender to await auction.
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lay someone out in lavender

Fig. to scold someone severely. She was really mad. She laid him out in lavender and really put him in his place. If you ever feel like you need to lay me out in lavender again, just forget it.
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lay something up in lavender

preserve something carefully for future use.
The flowers and stalks of lavender were traditionally used as a preservative for stored clothes.
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lay someone out in lavender

tv. to scold or rebuke someone severely. She really laid him out in lavender for that.
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