a laundry list of (something)

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a laundry list of (something)

A very long list of possible options or things that one wants or needs. Primarily heard in UK. The new political coalition has issued a laundry list of demands for the prime minister ahead of the referendum. The agency has created a laundry list of options for consumers looking to resolve their debt.
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laundry list

A very long list of items. I have a laundry list of projects I need to get done before Friday. The senator began the hearing by reading a laundry list of accusations for nearly 30 minutes!
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a laundry list

COMMON A laundry list is a long list of things, especially things you need or want. The president then went through a laundry list of proposals. This document is expected to set out a laundry list of reasons why shareholders should reject the bid.
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Shelton was referring to the laundry list of high-tech items being socked into cars and demanded by the public, such as global positioning systems, CD players, televisions, night-vision technology and even note-taking systems.
The FTC voted unanimously to approve the deal, but not before extracting a laundry list of concessions from the partners.
Then add a laundry list of their lovers, female and male, which will include a number of repeats.
Just days before the board of directors injected another US$208 million to float the carrier until a rescue was hammered out, Aerolineas unveiled a laundry list of investments: 21 new B-737 jets, thrice-weekly flights to Los Angeles, California, and a Buenos Aires-Cordoba shuttle with 20 flights daily Electronic tickets are on the horizon.
Bhak said the shortfall is related not to Ormond's laundry list of reasons but to "an erosion of the private pay mix at certain of its facilities." The slippage, which predated HCR's merger with Manor Care last September, is the result of "competition from nursing homes as well as encroachment by assisted living providers in HCR's markets," he said.
* Technical support for VSAC's old software had evaporated, and it was inadequate for Grant's laundry list of essential tasks:
At times, the narrative turns into a laundry list of riots without an indication of the larger point at hand.
Older Catholics will remember when Catholics were given a laundry list of sins based on the Ten Commandments and then were instructed to tote up any transgressions they might have been guilty of before going to Confession.
Landlord can specify a laundry list of uses that are prohibited in both office leases and store leases.
From a laundry list of options, IABC executive board members and members of the Communication World editorial advisory committee, plus CW readers through a fax poll, selected issues they felt most important in shaping the field today.
Judd's reportedly menacing behavior toward the victim, and a laundry list of other offenses he has been jailed for over the years.
"We just have to begin to sort of put [together] a laundry list of areas, in the public as well as the private sector, where we can begin to involve entrepreneurs." Boston also suggests that black business owners should forge strategic alliances and partnerships with larger major corporations to become suppliers or partners.
Not simply a laundry list of African American book offerings, The African-American Bookshelf culls through thousands of books written by black authors and features those that best "inform, enrich, entertain and inspire."
Several sites, among them www.scholar-ship.com and wwwfastweb.com, provide a laundry list of available scholarships, along with all the details about requirements -- even application forms.
Sure enough, according to The Almanac of American Politics, there was a laundry list of ethical problems, including an indictment for financial misdealing, that cut his already too-long political career short in 1994.