laundry list

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a laundry list of (something)

A very long list of possible options or things that one wants or needs. Primarily heard in UK. The new political coalition has issued a laundry list of demands for the prime minister ahead of the referendum. The agency has created a laundry list of options for consumers looking to resolve their debt.
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laundry list

A very long list of items. I have a laundry list of projects I need to get done before Friday. The senator began the hearing by reading a laundry list of accusations for nearly 30 minutes!
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a laundry list

COMMON A laundry list is a long list of things, especially things you need or want. The president then went through a laundry list of proposals. This document is expected to set out a laundry list of reasons why shareholders should reject the bid.
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Schriver to be more specific and also give us American laundry list, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya which have not turned out to be beacons of democracy but became a breeding ground for terrorism,' it said.
As a result, it is not clear that the lens goes beyond being a laundry list. And I am not fully persuaded about its elements.
In my book, I also argue that finding a LIRP with the right loan provision should be at the very top of your laundry list of qualities.
In the grand tradition of popular anti-McDonald's doc Super Size Me, Gameau quickly develops a photogenic laundry list of symptoms, including 19 pounds of weight gain, lethargy, and (a mere 18 days into the experiment) a test result suggesting he is at risk for fatty liver disease.
To aide with the laundry list of characters, there is an included cast listing in the front of the novel, with real historical persons italicized.
The temptation is plain enough, for it is a veritable laundry list.
The prices of staple goods in Israel are exorbitantly high in comparison to other developed nations, economics professor Manuel Trajtenberg said Monday, some three years after his committee published a laundry list of proposals for tackling Israel's high cost of living.
Naughton's laundry list of accomplishments for Lancaster is indicative of his commitment to ensuring and improving the quality of life for every resident and family in our community.
New BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 Lets You Do More, More Easily Blackberry has shown it is still relevant with this laundry list of new features included in their latest update.
A vessel that officials said is expected to ferry 400,000 visitors annually between Miami and Bimini in the Bahamas remains docked in Florida due to a "laundry list" of safety infractions, according to US Coast Guard chief inspector Janet Espino-Young, reports The Nassau Guardian (July 3, 2013).
Afflicted most of his life with the titular laundry list of mental illnesses, Bud Clayman decided to aid his recovery by revisiting a long-deferred dream of becoming a filmmaker.
So Tuesday night's speech may focus as much on making an overarching case for his presidency -- and for a second term -- as on the kind of laundry list of initiatives that sometimes characterise State of the Union appeals.
and a laundry list of apartment partnerships and subsidiaries owned by the company.
The group, according to postings in its Facebook page, outlined a laundry list of complaints, ranging from frustration with ongoing military tribunals to the pace at which military rulers are preparing for a civilian government.
If you decide to have and raise children, then you have a responsibility for their well- being, safety, and a whole laundry list of other duties.