launch out on

launch out on (something)

1. To begin or set out on a journey or trip. The battalion launched out on their voyage across the sea. I was filled with both pride and sadness to watch my youngest child set out on his first trip by himself.
2. To begin or initiate some plan, undertaking, or project. After a disastrous season last year, the team has bounced back and launched out on a 12-game winning streak. The group of rebels launched out on a futile attempt to overthrow the government. The young entrepreneur was only 23 when he launched out on his own, founding what would eventually become a multi-billion dollar corporation.
3. To begin moving or journeying on some body of water. We must ensure our supplies are fully stocked before we launch out on the unforgiving Atlantic ocean. Nearly 200 rowers launched out on the wild river.
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launch out on something

to start out to do something or go somewhere. When are you going to launch out on your expedition? Ted and Bill launched out on their trip through the mountains.
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