set forth on

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set forth on (something)

1. To undertake some journey or task. The team is setting forth on an expedition into the darkest reaches of the jungle. Ten years ago, we set forth on one of the most ambitious projects in history. The senator set forth another series of attacks against his opponents in Congress.
2. To issue, propel, or project something forward on some surface. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "set" and "forth." We set our boat forth on the water, hoping to catch the wind and continue our momentum. The pioneers set forth on the great plains in search of some place to establish up a new town.
See also: forth, on, set

set forth on something

 and launch forth on something 
1. Lit. to start out on something, such as a journey. We intend to set forth on our journey very early in the morning. What time will you launch forth on your trip?
2. Fig. to begin presenting a speech or an explanation. As soon as John set forth on his speech, three people walked out. Every time he launches forth on a presentation, it's a half hour before he shuts up.
See also: forth, on, set