launch forth

launch forth (upon something)

to set out on something; to begin on something, such as a journey or a long lecture or sermon. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) We launched forth on our trip before dawn. What time shall we launch forth tomorrow morning?
See also: forth, launch
References in classic literature ?
As, with the assistance of the negro, he slowly bore his ponderous sea chest toward the shore, they eyed it with a superstitious feeling, half doubting whether he were not really about to embark upon it and launch forth upon the wild waves.
Their cover of Richard Thompson's Beeswing was a wonderful way to launch forth.
So as we launch forth into the darkness, as long as we keep with us all that we've learned thus far, I know that we'll shine.
Business in great waters of His Spirit is yours Where you, like Columbus, have ever pressed Godward In Westward quest to see His works, His wonders in the deep Beyond where most would dare launch forth And for such a time, sailing heedlessly, unheralded into the Son For in the deep is where the nets must be let down once more Where nothing has been caught before in dark upon old well-worn shore Heave up the anchors in the morning watch and fly And let the sea-winds fluff out the mainsail's banners Rudders loosed, hold tackings to the wind And know He's got new shorelines yet unseen, untapped Where foot has never yet trod untried sod in God