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launch forth (upon something)

to set out on something; to begin on something, such as a journey or a long lecture or sermon. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) We launched forth on our trip before dawn. What time shall we launch forth tomorrow morning?
See also: forth, launch

launch into something

to start in doing something. Now, don't launch into lecturing me about manners again! Tim's mother launched into a sermon about how to behave at the dinner table.
See also: launch

launch (one's lunch)

Sl. to empty one's stomach; to vomit. When I saw that mess, I almost launched my lunch. Watch out! She's going to launch!

launch out on something

to start out to do something or go somewhere. When are you going to launch out on your expedition? Ted and Bill launched out on their trip through the mountains.
See also: launch, on, out

launch something against someone or something

to set something going against someone or something. The general launched an attack against the town. Claire launched a gossip attack against James.
See also: launch

set forth on something

 and launch forth on something 
1. Lit. to start out on something, such as a journey. We intend to set forth on our journey very early in the morning. What time will you launch forth on your trip?
2. Fig. to begin presenting a speech or an explanation. As soon as John set forth on his speech, three people walked out. Every time he launches forth on a presentation, it's a half hour before he shuts up.
See also: forth, on, set

launch into

To start saying or doing something enthusiastically; plunge into something: The professor launched into the topic after a brief introduction.
See also: launch

launch (one’s lunch)

tv. & in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. When I saw that mess, I almost launched my lunch.
See also: launch, lunch


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Last year's failed launch was pushed back several times in an attempt to weed out all the bugs.
With today's launch, total Atlas backlog numbers 27 launch commitments through the 1990s, 22 commercial and 5 military.
That comforting myth was shattered in 1991, when, during an attempted coup, insurgents seized a briefcase containing nuclear launch codes at Mikhail Gorbachev's Crimean dacha.
EUTELSAT became the first commercial customer to select Atlas launch services for one of its EUTELSAT II satellites, and the spacecraft was successfully placed into orbit in 1991 on the first flight of an Atlas II launch vehicle.
The successful launch of NSS-8 will subsequently also allow for NSS-703 to be re-deployed to the Atlantic Ocean region at 340x East, further boosting the global coverage and connectivity provided by the 40 plus strong fleet of satellites in the SES Group.
And Glenn's launch is clearly a welcome break from less-cheerful recent news.
The GOES I, J and K missions are already scheduled for launch on General Dynamics' Atlas launch vehicles.
The Air Force/Orbital Minotaur launch team did another fantastic job on this mission," said Mr.
It's a natural to launch it where you build it,'' Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford said.
The launch of AC-75 also marks the return to flight of the Atlas I after the successful conclusion of the investigation into the launch anomaly that occurred last March on the first Atlas/UHF mission.
The Minotaur I and II launch vehicles were the original members of Orbital's Minotaur family of launch vehicles, which includes both space launch vehicles and long-range suborbital vehicles for missile defense and other specialized launch missions.
The commercial Atlas I launch vehicle, designated AC-71, will boost the Hughes cable-dedicated satellite from Launch Complex 36B.
The countdown clock was adjusted to a new launch window of between 2:00 and 2:30 PM.