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belly laugh

An often uncontrolled, loud, and hearty laugh. The old man let out a giant belly laugh when he saw his young granddaughter spill an entire bowl of spaghetti on her head.
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gales of laughter

Loud outbursts of laughter. It sounded like everyone had a good time at your party last night. I could hear gales of laughter coming from your patio.
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laughter is the best medicine

Laughing a lot is a very effective means of recovering from physical or mental injury. More generally, keeping a positive outlook on life will help combat negative emotions during hard times. I think the best thing for you right now would be to spend some time with people you can joke around with. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.
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fall about with laughter

To be consumed by uncontrollable laughter. Primarily heard in UK. We all fell about with laughter when the professor accidentally swore during his lecture. My brother-in-law's wicked sense of humor has us falling about with laughter every time we hang out with him.
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burst into

1. Also, burst out in or into . Break out into sudden activity. For example, burst into flames means "break out in a fire," as in This dry woodpile may well burst into flames. A version of this term, which dates from the 16th century, was used figuratively by John Milton: "Fame is the spur ... But the fair guerdon [reward] when we hope to find, and think to burst out into sudden blaze" ( Lycidas, 1637).
2. Also, burst out. Give sudden utterance to. For example, burst into tears or laughter or song or speech or burst out crying or laughing or singing , etc. mean "begin suddenly to weep, laugh, sing," and so on, as in When she saw him, she burst into tears, or I burst out laughing when I saw their outfits, or When they brought in the cake, we all burst into song. These terms have been so used since the late 1300s.
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canned laughter

Also, canned music. Prerecorded sound effects that can be played repeatedly, as in That canned laughter doesn't make his jokes any funnier, or Canned music is greatly reducing the number of musical jobs available. O. Henry had the term in his story, Cabbages and Kings (1903): "We'll export canned music to the Latins." Canned laughter today is often used in broadcasting to simulate the reaction of a nonexistent live audience. [c. 1900]
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shake with laughter

Convulse with the humor of something, as in When asked if he was planning to give away the bride, he shook with laughter at the very thought . [Early 1700s]
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burst into

1. To enter some place suddenly and forcefully: The police burst into the room and conducted a raid.
2. To start doing something suddenly: Sometimes we burst into song while we're hiking in the mountains.
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belly laugh

n. a loud, deep, uninhibited laugh. I don’t want to hear giggles when I tell a joke. I want long belly laughs.
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Laughter helps connecting with society, improves relationships.
Every day must be a laughter day, for spreading smiles, and happiness on the faces around, a day without laughter is a day wasted.
Founded in a Mumbai park in the early 1990s by Dr Madan Kataria, laughter yoga has spread to many countries around the world.
Laughter and the appreciation of humor are vital components of adaptive social, emotional and cognitive function.
This is about deliberate laughter that you can maintain through doing laughter exercises, yogic breathing and being playful", she said.
Previous studies have already shown laughter is an aerobic activity and can burn calories.
Following his extraordinary experiences with laughter where, "illuminated convulsively," he discovered that "laughter was revelation, opened up the depth of things," Bataille declared laughter divine and confessed to his fear of being ultimately "LAUGHTER ITSELF
It's said that even in wartime, laughter is used to relieve tension.
Although analyzing the complete narrative of laughter in the early Christian mentality is beyond the scope of my current project, one can find a more complete sense of the Christian meaning of laughter by examining Augustine's writings.
Emotionally, laughter lifts our mood and can help combat feelings associated with anxiety and depression.
Founder of Bahrain's first laughter yoga club, K M Thomas, spent his summer with patients at the municipal Police Hospital in Hanoi.
If I could only bottle laughter, I would give it out for free.
and you almost fall out of your chair with laughter.
Bhopal, May 4 ( ANI ): Bhopal reverberated with joyful sounds as people competed with each other to release their tensions and reduce stress by venting out all negativity and bringing in positivity through the medium of laughter as they celebrated World Laughter on Day on Sunday.
And now I'm even more confused, because I'm off to find out about a discipline that, to me, seems to be a contradiction in terms: Laughter Yoga.