laugh (one's) head off

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laugh (one's) head off

To laugh uproariously or hysterically. Your jokes are perfect for your speech tonight. You'll have them laughing their heads off! I'm telling you, Mark's boyfriend is hilarious! He had me laughing my head off when I met him.
See also: head, laugh, off

laugh one's head off

Fig. to laugh very hard and loudly, as if one's head might come off. (See also cough one's head off. Fixed order.) The movie was so funny I almost laughed my head off. I laughed my head off at Mary's joke.
See also: head, laugh, off

laugh your ˈhead off

laugh very loudly and for a long time: If old Mr Bradley could see you now he’d laugh his head off. OPPOSITE: cry your eyes out
See also: head, laugh, off
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Throw in some lost clothes and a lot of tantrums and you'll be laughing your head off.
lt; ``That movie in itself has so much depth and poignancy and out-and-out broad-stroke comedy, it's between laughing your head off and something quite real and quite dark,'' she says.
Have a drink at the hotel, catch the show, which will one moment have you laughing your head off, the next fighting back the tears, and relax into the early hours in the Metropole lounge.
If you do not fall of your bed laughing your head off while reading Patrick and Angie's romp, then you are a cyborg and someone implanted a microchip in your bum that is permitting you from experiencing bliss
If you're not laughing your head off right now, ``Passion in the Desert'' might appeal to you.