laughing stock

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laughing stock

A person who is the subject of mockery after a blunder. If I mess up this speech, I'll be the laughing stock of the school!
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someone or something that is the target of ridicule. After he passed out at the president's dinner, he became the laughingstock of all his colleagues.

a laughing stock

If you describe someone or something as a laughing stock, you mean that people think they are silly. The truth must never get out. If it did she would be a laughing stock. His policies became the laughing stock of the financial community.
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laughing stock

a person subjected to general mockery or ridicule.
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a ˈlaughing stock

a person that everyone laughs at because they have done something stupid: I can’t wear this to the party! I’ll be a laughing stock!
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It could help highlight positive impact about Pakistan across the world but ineptness and mismanagement the rulers in organizing this conference made the country laughing stock in the international community", he said this while talking to media men in his chambers here.
When she was in the jungle in I'm A Celebrity with very little make-up, she was actually extremely pretty and natural, but she is just ruining her good looks and making a laughing stock of herself with her obsession with plastic surgery.
Rajendra, you managed to make yourself a laughing stock in front of the public by writing the most obvious things.
Committee chairman Edward Leigh said: "If the DVLA's motorcycle enforcement regime is not to be a complete laughing stock, then the Agency and the Department must make the most of new powers to enforce VED off public roads - and strongly consider severe measures such as impounding unlicensed motorcycles.
She remembers one man saying, "If we elect a woman, we'll be the laughing stock of all tribes.
Lots of people just use machine translation to do sites, and they don't realize that you can be a laughing stock to a whole country if you do it wrong.
The sheer naffness of its contents and crass business inability of bureaucrats and businessmen who manage it have made the Millennium Dome at Greenwich a laughing stock.
State Republican Party Chairman Winton Blount blamed Governor Don Siegelman `and his extreme band of radical, leftwing Democrats' for `reducing the Senate to a laughing stock.
LEGOGATE laughing stock Martin Kitts-Hayes bailed out for the second time yesterday and left his former colleagues to face public humiliation over his actions.
He fumed: "On the watch of Mr Lerner, and Tom Fox as Chief Executive, the club have become the laughing stock of the Premier League.
What West Midlands Combined Authority would want a laughing stock city in its logo?
It is a design that will make Wales a laughing stock.
And in some quarters during their recent 64-match losing run they'd become a laughing stock, with one rival club even offering to refund corporate guests should Gateshead beat them.
WORLD Cup winner Christophe Dugarry has launched a blistering attack on France - branding them the laughing stock of world football.
We need to get our act together by the 2012 London Olympics or we'll be a laughing stock.
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