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a laugh

1. An instance of laughter. Once I got a laugh from the audience, I started to feel more relaxed about giving my presentation. I need a laugh after the tough week I've had. Any funny TV shows you can recommend? Tom is pretty much the court jester in our office. You can always count on him for a laugh.
2. An instance of lighthearted amusement or mirth. Ah, don't be upset, we were only having a laugh! This show is always good for a laugh, so I put it on whenever I'm feeling down. I sang karaoke just for a laugh—I never expected to get a round of applause!
3. A fun or enjoyable experience. Come with us to the party tonight. I'm sure it will be a laugh. I love hanging out with my old schooltime friends—we always have a laugh when we get together. How can you have a laugh when you know those jerks are going to be there?
4. Something absurdly inadequate, defective, or idiotic. Their customer service is a total laugh. I was on the phone for nearly two hours just to be told that they couldn't identify the problem and wouldn't help me any further. I hated every minute of my stay there, so the 10% service charge they added automatically to my bill was quite a laugh. Well, that's a real laugh—I spent nearly $800 on this phone, and it stopped working after just a month!
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laugh in (one's) sleeve

To rejoice or be amused secretly and contemptuously, as at another's mistakes or misfortunes. Though feigning sympathy, my colleagues are all laughing in their sleeves at me for being stood up at the altar by my fiancée. I know it's mean-spirited, but I can't help but laugh in my sleeve when I see someone slip on the icy streets.
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laugh up (one's) sleeve

1. To try to hide that one is laughing at someone else. Ron may seem like a nice guy, but he laughs up his sleeve whenever he's around someone he dislikes. The popular kids laugh up their sleeves every time I walk by—it's so infuriating.
2. To rejoice or be amused secretly and contemptuously, as at another's mistakes or misfortunes. Though they are feigning sympathy, I'm sure my colleagues are all laughing up their sleeves at me for being chewed out by the boss. I know it is mean spirited, but I cannot help but laugh up my sleeve when I see someone slip on the icy streets.
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up/in (one's) sleeve
To rejoice or exult in secret, as at another's error or defeat.
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Laugher, who won 3m synchro gold with Chris Mears in Rio, teamed up with Goodfellow, a bronze medallist in the 10m synchro at the same games, last year after Mears opted to take a break from his sport.
Laugher told PA: "I always said if I won an Olympic gold medal I would retire on top, but when you're 21 and you achieve your dream it's very different.
Laugher and Goodfellow only teamed up year after Chris Mears, who Laugher won Olympic gold alongside at Rio 2016, decided to take a break from the sport.
Support for the seven WEPs Principles has gathered global momentum -- thousands of companies worldwide are now WEPs champions -- thereby contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 5 for Gender Equality," said Laugher.
All businesses stand to benefit from gender equality and women's empowerment," said Laugher
Laugher and partner Chris Mears went into the three-metre synchro event as Olympic champions but the Britons were pipped on the final dive at the Royal Commonwealth Pool by Evgenii Kuznetsov and Ilia Zakharov - who also denied them world gold last year.
Laugher came from behind to clinch the men's 1 metre springboard title after teenagers Lois Toulson and Eden Cheng had claimed a surprise victory in the women's 10m synchro.
1 seed Kansas into a laugher, dropping in 3-pointers like they were playing pop-a-shot in the 95-79 rout.
You will burst into laugher, before your stomach hurts like hell.
It didn't take Braekhus long to get her composure back after the initial shock - and slap - as she burst in to laugher shortly after.
? DIVING: OLYMPIC champions Jack Laugher and Chris Mears will target another major title as part of a 12-strong British diving team at the World Championships in Budapest next month.
Virtually no one can refrain from returning their partner's smile, and most break into laugher almost immediately.
As part of his latest project, South Wales' edible Banksy has recreated the likenesses of gold medallists such as Mo Farah, Joe Clarke, Laura Trott, Jason Kenny, Max Whitlock, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears by purely using golden items of grub.
Jack Laugher and Chris Mears' win in the synchronised 3m springboard event was the exception.