laugh (oneself) silly

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laugh (oneself) silly

To laugh extensively, perhaps to a point of giddiness. I love getting together with my childhood friends because we always seem to laugh ourselves silly.
See also: laugh, silly

laugh oneself silly

Fig. to laugh very, very hard. I laughed myself silly when I heard that Steven was really going to give the graduation address.
See also: laugh, silly

laugh yourself silly (or sick)

laugh uncontrollably or for a long time.
See also: laugh, silly

ˌdrink, ˌlaugh, ˌshout, etc. yourself ˈsilly

(informal) drink, laugh, shout, etc. so much that you cannot behave in a sensible way: Everyone was too busy laughing themselves silly to notice her quietly leave the room.
See also: silly
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That's why I suck all the chocolate off them and stick them in that dish over there." Robert would finish that line with a Jack Benny-like straight face as you laughed yourself silly.
HOW many times have you laughed yourself silly? Well, there could be more to the saying than meets the eye.
After you've laughed yourself silly fax me your own Spice Girl jokes on 0171 293 3801 or ring my Spice Joke Hotline on 0171 293 3825.