laugh (oneself) silly

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laugh (oneself) silly

To laugh uproariously, hysterically, or uncontrollably. I love getting together with my childhood friends because we always seem to laugh ourselves silly.
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laugh oneself silly

Fig. to laugh very, very hard. I laughed myself silly when I heard that Steven was really going to give the graduation address.
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laugh yourself silly (or sick)

laugh uncontrollably or for a long time.
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ˌdrink, ˌlaugh, ˌshout, etc. yourself ˈsilly

(informal) drink, laugh, shout, etc. so much that you cannot behave in a sensible way: Everyone was too busy laughing themselves silly to notice her quietly leave the room.
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The pair shared a stage too many times to count and enjoyed each other's company so much they often laughed themselves silly.
Saturday night's audience included people of all ages who laughed themselves silly, reveling in the comedic agility of director Jim Porter's marvelous cast.
They beat Cadbury's Smash aliens, who laughed themselves silly over humans peeling potatoes with metal knives.
Has everyone laughed themselves silly and slapped their thighs to the point of internal bleeding?
"So we then wrote about four or five songs, recorded them and sent them to the Pythons and said 'well what do you think of this?' "One of the songs was called The Song That Goes Like This and they all laughed themselves silly and said 'go off and write it'.
Ballard began to laugh and then Dad joined him, and they laughed themselves silly. I didn't see what was so funny.
No, they laughed themselves silly until UEFA realised the mistake and over-ruled the decision.