laugh away

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laugh away

1. To laugh heartily and at length (at someone or something). We all sat laughing away at my grandfather's hilarious stories. I love hearing the kids laughing away like that.
2. To pass a certain amount or period of time by laughing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "laugh" and "away." Ms. Simpson's comedy routine will have you laughing the night away. Janet and I laughed away the hour trading stories from our childhood.
3. To try to dismiss, neutralize, or ignore something negative by laughing at or over it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "laugh" and "away." He tried to laugh away the rude remarks from the audience during his interview. I know you like to laugh issues like these away, but you need to confront them sooner or later.
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laugh something away

1. to spend an amount of time laughing. We laughed the hour away listening to the comedian. We laughed away the evening.
2. to get rid of something negative by laughing. Kelly knows how to laugh her problems away, and it cheers up the rest of us too. She laughed away her problems.
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laugh away at someone or something

to continue to laugh at someone or something. They laughed away at Sue until she fled the room in embarrassment. All the children at the party laughed away at the magician.
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References in classic literature ?
Although the seizures that came upon him were harmless enough, they could not be laughed away. They were overwhelming.
From Frank Churchill's face, where he thought he saw confusion suppressed or laughed away, he had involuntarily turned to hers; but she was indeed behind, and too busy with her shawl.
Although, on occasions, it had happened that involuntarily, as it were, she had revealed to me something of her heart, I had noticed that in most cases--in fact, nearly always--she had either laughed away these revelations, or grown confused, or purposely imparted to them a false guise.
She did not manifest her chagrin by keen reproaches, bitter sarcasms, or pouting sullen silence - any or all of these I could easily have endured, or lightly laughed away; but she showed it by a kind of gentle melancholy, a mild, reproachful sadness that cut me to the heart.
The possibility cannot be laughed away. Britain's GQ magazine calls its use by leaders as not just a contribution to the global political woes but its root cause and a toxic place for politicians.
Tellingly, a senior member of the party, who was also present during the tete- a- tete, loudly laughed away sarcastically.
On Oct 28, one of the top prime ministerial aides and his spokesman, Iftikhar Durrani, literally laughed away a VoA journalist's questions regarding the missing police officer after saying Tahir Dawar was 'safe and sound' in Peshawar and rubbishing his kidnapping report.
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone laughed away questions surrounding their wedding during an event in New Delhi.
But yes, I laughed away the nervousness and Mr Instructor asked: "Shall we try again?" His smile was enough to make me try again.
Candida applied at the Bureau of Health where she was laughed away, threatened with being thrown in the nut house.
If girl tries to support herself or family, she is ridiculed and laughed away. Still, the 'kamai' earning of the girl is considered shameful in many quarters of our society.
Speaking to ANI, Congress leader Renuka Chaudhary laughed away the BJP's claims and said she could produce the same jacket for Rs.
In The Room, Wiseau comes across as somewhat menacing, with an underlying intensity that can't be entirely laughed away. (That's part of what makes the unwatchable almost watchable.) Franco's performance keeps you hooked, in large degree because of its entertaining visual spectacle.
Khloe and the rest of her family members have always laughed away the matter regarding her paternity since tabloids keep naming different men every time the question surfaces.
Meanwhile, the Pathan group elected new RCA office- bearers, a move that was laughed away by Abdi, who insisted that officials are not appointed in such a manner.