laugh with

laugh with something

to laugh in a particular manner. Everyone was laughing with glee at the antics of the clown. Max laughed with malice as he saw his plan beginning to work.
See also: laugh
References in classic literature ?
I had less confidence, but he was the mysterious man whom you ran for in the dead of night (you flung sand at his window to waken him, and if it was only toothache he extracted the tooth through the open window, but when it was something sterner he was with you in the dark square at once, like a man who slept in his topcoat), so I did as he bade me, and not only did she laugh then but again when I put the laugh down, so that though it was really one laugh with a tear in the middle I counted it as two.
The intention is for people to come and laugh with other people for an hour or more.
The expressions on the faces of my little grandchildren, when they admire the birds and squirrels in the garden, even allowing for sticky fingers making patterns all over the glass in the French doors, make me laugh with wonder and delight.
Cieslik isn't afraid to laugh with his players, even when he's the butt of the jokes.
Her lips should be kept closed and her teeth covered; a woman should always laugh with her mouth closed, for the sight of a mouth stretched open like a gash across the face is not a pretty one.
Ovid prescribed for ladies: "Nor should they strain their sides with continuous laughter, but laugh with a feminine trill.
Pet owners may be planning to share a walk or a jog with their beloved dogs this evening, but few might know they can share a laugh with their dog as well.
The Simple Life'' will take its pseudo-celebrity meta-reality sniggering any way the audience will offer it - it's for viewers who want to laugh with the people they're laughing at - but, really, the joke only goes so far.
In a nutshell: The 21st century's first spanking new genre: meta-pseudo- celebrity reality, for people who want to laugh with the people they're laughing at.
It's a matter of showing it's OK to laugh with them - just not at them.
It's easier to make people laugh with a setup-joke, setup-joke format.
To laugh with them, talk openly and candidly with them growing up - to share everything with them.