laugh (oneself) silly

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laugh (oneself) silly

To laugh extensively, perhaps to a point of giddiness. I love getting together with my childhood friends because we always seem to laugh ourselves silly.
See also: laugh, silly

laugh oneself silly

Fig. to laugh very, very hard. I laughed myself silly when I heard that Steven was really going to give the graduation address.
See also: laugh, silly

laugh yourself silly (or sick)

laugh uncontrollably or for a long time.
See also: laugh, silly

ˌdrink, ˌlaugh, ˌshout, etc. yourself ˈsilly

(informal) drink, laugh, shout, etc. so much that you cannot behave in a sensible way: Everyone was too busy laughing themselves silly to notice her quietly leave the room.
See also: silly
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Even though the old woman is tiny, she pushes him over, shouting, "Well, I can see you still have work to do yourself, old man!" They laugh themselves silly and are so happy that they dance and dance and dance--awakeness meeting awakeness.
Audiences go to musical comedies to laugh themselves silly. But when they go to musical plays, they want to be stirred by melody and shaken with emotion.
LUNENBURG - For more than 100 years, fans flocked to Whalom Park to relax on the Ferris wheel, tackle the Scrambler, scream on the wooden roller coaster and laugh themselves silly in the Fun House.
RUBY Wax is aiming to make people laugh themselves silly when she comes to Birmingham next week - and move them to tears at the same time.
One imagines people asking, "Where did she disappear?" There are friends who will laugh themselves silly as they bend down, pretending to look for a lost person.
Little ones can blast off with the Peppa Pig's Spaceship (Character Options), go back in time with the Playskool Kota The Triceratops (Hasbro), laugh themselves silly with the Mr Tickle Stretch & Giggle or Elmo Live!
Opening the show is Bradford boy Ben Schofield, a louder-than-life character who has a bombastic style that takes no prisoners and regularly leaves people gasping for air as they laugh themselves silly at his improbable stories, observations and gags.
And the ranks of the Cherry and Whites could scarce forbear to laugh themselves silly.
Each year, fans of Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion laugh themselves silly during the traditional April Joke Show, Now all of those laughers (and groaners), tried-and-true puns, one-liners, knock-knocks, lawyer jokes, blond jokes, and even Iowan jokes are available ad infinitum in A Prairie Home Companion Pretty Good Joke Book.
Alternatively, a chance for Manchester United fans to laugh themselves silly at the misfortunes of either or both.
But he's still pretty shaky on his pins, and when he tries to talk about his ordeal with his buddy Tom (Andrew Breving), Tom says "office amigos" can laugh themselves silly over last night's TV shows, but they cannot share heavy emotions like grief and despair.
I am now 64, and when my wife gets out my old photos to show our grandchildren I cringe with embarrassment at my sad barnet and the kids laugh themselves silly.