laugh down

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laugh someone or something down

to cause someone to quit or cause something to end by laughing in ridicule. Her singing career was destroyed when the audience laughed her down as an amateur. The cruel audience laughed down the amateur singer. They laughed down the magic act also.
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If you're the kind of person who scorns the Teletubbies or Mr Blobby's efforts, never mind the work of our own Richie Kavanagh, above, with Aon Focail Eile, this gives you a chance to laugh down your nose at everyone else.
He said: "I enjoyed my time down at London (Skolars, when on loan) - it was a good laugh down there.
THE words "Trust me, I'm a journalist" always get me a big laugh down at the Red Lion.
THIS will give them a laugh down at the doctor's waiting room.
Low-paid workers are constantly skint, worn out and totally dejected, whilst the bone idle dossers just laugh down their noses at us.
I just laugh down the phone and tell them 'It''''s the Candyman
If you have a great joke that always gets a good laugh down the pub, then a group of scientists at Glasgow University want to hear from you.
You could always just ring him up if you'd heard a joke that day and he would just laugh and laugh down the phone with you.
It's not all having a laugh down the pub with your mates, you know.
Given that only five per cent of those polled want their boss to be primarily a "mate" or "a laugh down the pub", Brent and his like are pursuing a misjudged management technique.
Personality: `Lisa Tarbuck, she'd be a laugh down the pub.
I miss the good laugh down at the greasy spoon cafe.