laugh away

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laugh away

1. To laugh heartily and at length (at someone or something). We all sat laughing away at my grandfather's hilarious stories. I love hearing the kids laughing away like that.
2. To pass a certain amount or period of time by laughing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "laugh" and "away." Ms. Simpson's comedy routine will have you laughing the night away. Janet and I laughed away the hour trading stories from our childhood.
3. To try to dismiss, neutralize, or ignore something negative by laughing at or over it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "laugh" and "away." He tried to laugh away the rude remarks from the audience during his interview. I know you like to laugh issues like these away, but you need to confront them sooner or later.
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laugh something away

1. to spend an amount of time laughing. We laughed the hour away listening to the comedian. We laughed away the evening.
2. to get rid of something negative by laughing. Kelly knows how to laugh her problems away, and it cheers up the rest of us too. She laughed away her problems.
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laugh away at someone or something

to continue to laugh at someone or something. They laughed away at Sue until she fled the room in embarrassment. All the children at the party laughed away at the magician.
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Whatever you decide your spirits will be lifted and you will enjoy the company and a chance to laugh away your worries.
So where are the nine lakh tickets -- a number shared by OC secretary- general Lalit Bhanot, the same man who tried to laugh away the insanitary conditioned in the Commonwealth Games Village -- that should have been enough to fill up all the leading venues.
We have to laugh away the corruption and violence all around us.
However, bad hunts aside, my father and I, and often with my younger brother, were able to laugh away many days in the duck blind at our bad shooting, Dad's squawky calling, and my constantly moving around and then shining my big moonface up to look at the rare mallards who wandered by.
Through it all, Tony keeps his cool, telling himself to afocus on the good, laugh away the bad, and never forget that it could always be worse.a His steady ways are appreciated by his friends, who come through when he most needs them.
Laugh away, idiot child, for I am not alone in this thinking.
Sheila Corrigan said: "Fran's father trained Smile Away, this mare's granddam, to win a bumper for my father at this meeting in 1983 and he also trained the dam, Laugh Away."
Masterson took second in the 1,500 and, like Mathabane, was able to laugh away the wet conditions.
So pop in a tape or CD of your favourite comedian and laugh away!
Beaches, parks, school playgrounds and other public places are recommended for these group therapy sessions where participants shed their inhibitions and laugh away the blues.
You were the oldest of two daughters raised to keep the devil's laugh away. At the family gathering you lifted the gray Polaroid's box of light and held steady against a thundercrown.
class="MsoNormalThe only embarrassment that you can't laugh away is the one that comes with, say, being caught stealing, taking a bribe, abusing the authority given to you and other transgressions of such magnitude.
The aftermath, though, was something else-something I could not laugh away. Other students had begun to think it was okay to pick on me behind my back.
"We just laugh away those who accuse us of being a spy [organization] secretly working for Israel.
It is this ability to laugh away the tears that Steel Magnolias truly celebrates.