laugh away

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laugh something away

1. to spend an amount of time laughing. We laughed the hour away listening to the comedian. We laughed away the evening.
2. to get rid of something negative by laughing. Kelly knows how to laugh her problems away, and it cheers up the rest of us too. She laughed away her problems.
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Laugh away the pain They say laughter is the best medicine, so why not put the theory to the test and see if it can cure a broken heart.
I know Paul (Dickov) and Gerry (Taggart) and the rest of the staff and we talk and have a laugh away from the game but, for that 90 minutes, they will not give us anything.
We laugh away an ordinary human's "little fling" as we call it.
The 22-year-old defender is intensely ambitious and com-mitteon the pitch, but he enjoys a laugh away from matches.
LAUGH away the winter blues with a comedy tonic at Carey's in Coventry next week.
Tune in and step back in time if you want to laugh away your midweek blues.
IT'S time to join forces and laugh away those everyday body blues.
Celtic Boy 7 b g Arctic Lord - Laugh Away He won well at Perth last time out and will run in the Summer Plate with Ballycassidy.
look into the different groups and clubs that meet in your neighbourhood or arrange some after-work activities with colleagues to laugh away the cares of the day;
Hairapy is where hair meets therapy and it's how Sunsilk will help girls laugh away their hair and life problems.
THE model mum reveals how she has coped since the birth of her twin girls, the secrets of her post-baby figure and how husband Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) helped her laugh away her pregnancy pain.
Laugh away -I've seen them whipping down cycle paths in excess of 12 mph.
A refreshingly original combination of entertainment and education, Solomon Says, developed by Cloud 9 Games of Austin, Texas, puts players in the middle of a game show where knowledge is "king" -- and winning is just a laugh away.
I will laugh away like a maniac, and then Ricky will point out something that didn't quite work which is annoying because you're happily watching it.
While I waited I saw ambulancemen, porters and nurses making an old, severely-injured woman laugh away her bruises.