laugh about

laugh about (something)

To chuckle or giggle about something; to find something humorous. We were just laughing about something Janet said earlier. I was very stressful at the time, but I just laugh about the whole thing now.
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laugh about someone or something

to chuckle or giggle loudly about someone or something. Please don't laugh about Sue. It's not funny. They were laughing about my haircut.
See also: laugh
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Proyer stated that others enjoy being the centre of attention and intentionally provoke situations that make others laugh about them.
"There are people who laugh about having cancer, having HIV.
We all have precious little to laugh about at the moment.
There is, in truth, not an awful lot to laugh about these days, unless it is of the hollow, ironic variety.
Babies first laugh about three or four months after birth, way before they can understand a joke.
"People are brought up to laugh about certain things."
It's all in good fun, and we never say anything hurtful." Having things to laugh about keeps BFFs close.
The pundits saying that the president should be ashamed of himself for his sexual conduct or for his previous lies about it wouldn't understand the serial illuminations of Happiness: everyone has a sexual secret; everyone has reason to feel ashamed about sexuality, which cannot be cleaned up, even by marriage or police; putting sexuality on trial is a mistake; everyone is a pervert and should be ashamed of himself or herself and then should laugh about it and do something intricate and artistic with it.
He added: "Luckily, he was OK and we both had a laugh about it.
What makes me laugh about my character is that he's not really as smart or cool or good-looking as he thinks he is.