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last (up) until (something)

1. To continue or endure up to some future action or point in time. The beach party lasted until sunset. The monarch's rule lasted up until 1705. The president indicated that the stimulus package would last until the economy was healthy again.
2. To be an adequate amount up to some point in the future. We bought enough supplies to last until the storm has passed. Only give each guest one cookie. I want them to last until everyone has arrived.
3. To remain functional, serviceable, or adequate up to some point in the future. We need to buy a car that will last until the kids are all grown up, not something we'll need to replace in a few years' time. My computer is really struggling to work. I just hope it lasts until I get my year-end bonus.
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last hurrah

A final act, achievement, or effort. Finishing the month-long project was Cheri's last hurrah before she left the company to pursue another opportunity.
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(from something) until something to endure from one point in time to another. The meeting lasted from noon until midnight. The party lasted until the food ran out. the last hurrah Fig. a final appearance, as at the end of one's career; the last time for doing something. Tom is retiring, and we are having a little party as his last hurrah right now. He won't be here the next time you visit our offices.
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