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last out

1. To remain, hold out, or endure until the end (of something). A noun or pronoun (referring to the specific thing or period of time one can or cannot endure) can be used between "last" and "out." I haven't properly exercised in over a year, so I don't know how long I'll last out on this run! There's no way the kids will last the entire service out. A lot of would-be athletes can't last out the training camp we run at the start of the season.
2. To remain available, serviceable, or in supply. I don't think the food will last out for the entire party. I just hope my computer lasts out until I get my next pay check.
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last for (some period of time)

To endure (something) for a certain period of time. The brake pads need to be replaced already? Wow, they didn't last for very long. I hope we get to the hotel soon—the kids aren’t going to last in the car for much longer. The phone says its battery should last for 40 hours of normal usage.
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first impressions are the most lasting

People are most apt to remember the initial, introductory evaluation upon meeting a person, encountering something, or experiencing a situation for the first time. It took a while for the two of us to become friends because I didn't have a great first impression of him, and first impressions are the most lasting. Ugh, asparagus just repulses me. The first time I ever had it, it was mushy and gross—further evidence that first impressions are the most lasting.

First impressions are the most lasting.

Prov. People will remember the way you appear when you first meet them, so it is important to look and act your best when you meet someone for the first time. George spent two hours picking just the right clothes to wear when he met the head of the law firm, since he knew that first impressions are the most lasting.

last out

to hold out; to endure. How long can you last out? I don't think we can last out much longer without food and water. the last roundup Fig. death. (Old West.) To everyone's surprise, he clutched the wound and faced the last roundup with a smile. When I know I'm headed for the last roundup, I'll write a will.
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last something out

to endure until the end of something. Ed said that he didn't think he could last the opera out and left. He couldn't last out the first act.
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last out

1. To endure or survive for some period of time: The patient is comatose and won't last the night out. The recruit is determined to last out the training.
2. To continue to be in supply or service for some period of time: Our water supply is barely going to last the week out. I hope these old shoes can last out the month.
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