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the last word

1. The final words in an argument or discussion, especially one that decisively or conclusively ends it. Everyone started shouting, trying to get in the last word, and the whole meeting just descended into chaos.
2. The most recent, modern, or advanced version of something. Typically followed by "in (something)." It may not look like much, but I can assure you that this machine is the last word in neural imaging.
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*last word

 and *final word; *final say
Fig. the final point (in an argument); the final decision (in some matter). (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give some one ~.) The boss gets the last word in hiring. Why do you always have to have the final word in an argument?
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your/the last/final ˈword (on/about something)

your, etc. final decision or statement about something: ‘Will you take £900?’ ‘No, £1 000 and that’s my last word.’Is that your final word on the matter?
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Esther, whose eyes had come alive and her cheeks flushed during these last words, relapsed in a second into a state of petrifaction.
She spoke her last words to the housekeeper in cheerful tones, and when she seated herself in the carriage her eyes were bright and her cheeks blooming under the dismal bonnet.
With a strong emphasis on the last words, my worthy adviser, mindful of the flight of time and the claims of business, rose to take his leave.
Eustace, that unhappy man has said his last words."
They won't even listen to me." She attempted to rise from her chair as she pronounced the last words. Julian gently laid his hand on her shoulder and obliged her to resume her seat.
Spoken entirely at random, spoken without so much as a fragment of evidence to support them, those last words still had their effect.
Indeed, the Squire's last words deserved to have their effect, for they had been the result of much anxious thought.
If he'll only turn out a brave, helpful, truth-telling Englishman, and a gentleman, and a Christian, that's all I want," thought the Squire; and upon this view of the case he framed his last words of advice to Tom, which were well enough suited to his purpose.
The darkness has driven him inwards, and he has gone over his little past life, and thought of all his doings and promises, and of his mother and sister, and his father's last words; and has made fifty good resolutions, and means to bear himself like a brave Brown as he is, though a young one.
Then Robin stepped to the edge of the scaffold, while the people grew still as death; for they desired to hear the last words uttered to the victims.
"These are my last words, dear boys," she said firmly.
You are to consider me, child, as Socrates, not asking your opinion, but only informing you of mine." From which last words the reader may possibly imagine, that this lady had read no more of the philosophy of Socrates, than she had of that of Alcibiades; and indeed we cannot resolve his curiosity as to this point.
are you come back to your politics?" cries the squire: "as for those I despise them as much as I do a f--t." Which last words he accompanied and graced with the very action, which, of all others, was the most proper to it.
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