last laugh

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the last laugh

A victory or vindication achieved in the face of someone's doubt, derision, or mockery. After so many people dismissed her dream of becoming an actress, the global superstar has truly had the last laugh. Everyone at my old job laughed at me for pursuing a career in making games for mobile phones. But I had the last laugh, as I made nearly $4.5 million off my very first game.
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*last laugh (on someone)

Fig. laughter or ridicule at someone who has laughed at or ridiculed you. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) John laughed when I got a D on the final exam. I got the last laugh, though. He failed the course. Mr. Smith said I was foolish when I bought an old building. I had the last laugh when I sold it a month later for twice what I paid for it.
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Daniel Coll, who had previously won Best Director for his version of Macbeth at the LA Independent Film Awards, directed Last Laugh, which was made using a mainly local cast and crew.
g s Tree Appeal Michael I wanted a five-year sentence - but at least now I feel like I've had the last laugh Michael Banthorpe
There are other stories in the Bible that show that God has the last laugh.
They've got to play it because it says, 'just remember that the last laugh is on you', so they'll definitely play that one.
London: Michael Clarke vowed to have the last laugh on all those who mocked his suggestion Australia could still win the Ashes after a crushing defeat at Lord's left them 2-0 down in the five-match series.
But they failed and we have had the last laugh," he added.
Meanwhile the Daily Post has two exclusive editions of The Last Laugh script books signed by Carla, Jonathan and the other writers.
But it may be the mosquitoes that are having the last laugh.
Roberts had the last laugh though as his team eased on to complete a 4-0 victory to earn a place in the final against Blackburn Rovers.
The people of the Middle Ages understood this and decided to have the last laugh on evil.
FORMER Wigan starlet Greg Strong had the last laugh on his former club as Stoke completed a remarkable comeback to keep their play-off hopes alive with a dramatic victory.
Onlookers guffawed at Prichard's stunt, but she may have the last laugh.
Norman Solomon is coauthor of Wizards of Media Oz: Behind the Curtain of Mainstream News and author of The Trouble with Dilbert: How Corporate Culture Gets the Last Laugh.
But Mona Lisa will always have the last laugh, or, at least, the last inscrutable smirk.