last laugh

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*last laugh (on someone)

Fig. laughter or ridicule at someone who has laughed at or ridiculed you. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) John laughed when I got a D on the final exam. I got the last laugh, though. He failed the course. Mr. Smith said I was foolish when I bought an old building. I had the last laugh when I sold it a month later for twice what I paid for it.
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Toby Foster's Last Laugh Comedy |Club is at The Civic on Saturday, January 31 at 8pm.
Hall had the last laugh in the final minute with a terrific shot for the fourth.
Instead of getting his come-uppance, "Nasty Nick" will have the last laugh - all the way to the bank.
But no matter what happens I'll have the last laugh.
Then they shared one last laugh together before saying goodbye.
The new show entitled the Last Laugh will be searching for the author of the next Office or Little Britain series.
DCUO's The Last Laugh DLC pack is now available for free for the game's Legendary members and available for $9.
Rhodri isn't smiling now but he may well end up having the last laugh," the Daily Star quoted a family pal as saying Tuesday night.
TOMORROW Juveniles in focus As the major two-year-old tests commence in earnest, we look at the best we've seen - and bid to uncover the best we haven't Lemaire le merrier Christophe Lemaire talks to Steve Dennis about how he hopes to have the last laugh in the Arc aboard Stacelita Plus All the latest news building up to a momentous weekend at Newmarket and Longchamp AND ON FRIDAY Third time lucky?
The Last Laugh, Richard Harris's adaptation of the original Japanese play by Koki Mitani, stars The Office's Martin Freeman and Only Fools and Horses' Roger Lloyd Pack, who played Trigger.
Meanwhile the Daily Post has two exclusive editions of The Last Laugh script books signed by Carla, Jonathan and the other writers.
The Journal Culture Club has teamed up with the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to offer Culture Club members an amazing two-for-one ticket offer for the opening night (Monday, February 26) of brand-new comedy The Last Laugh, starring Martin Freeman (The Office) and Roger Lloyd Pack (Only Fools and Horses).
But it was Garciaparra and the Dodgers who got the desperately needed last laugh, pounding the Diamondbacks 10-4 in front of 47,698 fans at Dodger Stadium.
Rovers had the last laugh as striker Paul Dikov grabbed a last-gasp equaliser.
The experimental music duo Cipher are to perform their newly-commissioned sound- track to FW Murnau's silent classic The Last Laugh in Wales this month.