last call

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last call (for something)

 and last chance (for something)
Fig. the last opportunity for doing, getting, or having something. This is the last call for ice cream and cake. It's almost all gone.
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While Last Bottle Wines held a two-day sales event and Last Call Wines made 85 offers, it was not enough to pull the total out of a steep dive.
Last call for the amazing Max Graef at Twitch in Queen's Student Union tomorrow evening.
Last Call will challenge anyone who agrees with his statement "I don't understand church people who only hang around other church people," along with those who've been disillusioned by life and faith, to fling the doors open on their lives and their churches.
You will need to tell them when you received the last call (date and time), the nature of the call and the number that called you (check by dialling 1471 for the number of the last call).
Last Call at the Oasis: The Global Water Crisis and Where We Go From Here: A Participant Media Guide provides a fine tie-in to the feature documentary on the looming global water crisis and is based on a forthcoming film by an Academy Award-winning director certain to gain much attention.
A LAST call to get tickets to a popular women's networking event has gone out.
Support for the band comes from dark and introspective SOVIET DISCO and, after a competition for young up and coming acts to win a place on the bill, they will be joined by Redcar's very own pop-punk purveyor's THE LAST CALL and soft rockers DIRTY MATTHEW.
Martin became agitated when the bartender refused to serve him and another man and woman drinks because it was after last call.
uk/videos GREAT NORTH RUN Secure one The minute's silence of the last Call to honour heroes Great North Families still stunned Run places PM to look at gun laws www.
50-pounds 24 Last call for the Faceman as A-Team star Dirk Benedict dons his dirty mac.
7 : something called or announced <That was the last call for passengers to board.
As a last call, this will be the public's final chance to comment on SSML 1.
All the angels will sing hen the church bells ring nd the wind blows the ashes away nd the statues will cry When they say goodbye or the night has stolen the day ilence will pierces the cold draws near and the moon shadows the stars The plants will not grow And the flowers will not show Even the darkness won't cover the scars The rose buds weep As the tracks cut deep The train is at its last call A soul is now lost It was simply tossed As you stood with your face to the wall
Wade starts making the rounds with the tip jar, while bass player Pete Kier announces there's time for one more request before last call.
Last Call for LWVUS Nominations: The postmark/fax/e-mail deadline is October 1, 2005.